5x the best garden accessories

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5x the Best Garden Accessories

What we love to do most in the summer is sit outside in our own garden, that’s why it’s important that your garden has a cozy atmosphere, so you can really relax and enjoy a beautiful environment. And not just for yourself; you want to impress your guests too.

In this blog, we share the 5 best garden decorations that will instantly brighten up your garden, from lanterns to bistro sets. Read on and get inspired!

1: Lanterns

Lanterns! Something that should definitely not be missing from your garden this summer. Place a candle in them, and your garden will immediately have a cozy ambiance! (and we could all use a bit of that)

Nothing is cozier than a few lanterns in your garden. Besides looking very cute, they also create a warm and inviting atmosphere when you put a candle inside.

Lanterns come in different sizes. If you choose a large lantern, it looks great in a corner you want to brighten up or next to your garden set as an eye-catcher. Small lanterns are nice as decoration on your garden table, but they are also very nice to hang up. Hang them, for example, from your porch with a piece of rope.

Combine different sizes of lanterns to create a beautiful, cohesive look in your garden. By combining various styles, you can create a playful effect.

2. Watering Cans and Buckets

Watering cans and buckets bring a cozy, rustic atmosphere to your garden. Group them together, and your garden will instantly radiate coziness!

A decorative watering can makes your garden a bit cozier, even if you don’t use it.

Our decorative watering cans come in all sorts and sizes, such as metal, zinc, and iron. Place them on your garden table, in a corner of your terrace, or use them as a striking accent among your plants.

Choose a watering can that matches the style of your garden. Whether you prefer a rustic look with a vintage zinc or iron watering can or a more modern appearance, the possibilities are endless. With a beautiful decorative watering can, you give your garden an immediate personal and stylish touch.

3. Flower Pots

Give your garden an instant fresh look with some nice flower pots! By choosing a nice pattern, you can create a cozy atmosphere right away.

Perhaps the best-known garden decoration, but also the nicest: flower pots! Flower pots come in all colors, shapes, and sizes and can transform the look of your garden in no time.

Do you love a rustic or country garden? Then choose terracotta, wood, stone, metal, or ceramic. Pots made of these materials are often plain-colored in calm, earthy tones.

Would you prefer more color in your garden? Take a look at our flower pot series from Clayre & Eef! Each series has a different motif, such as colored butterflies, hearts, flowers, or fruit. With flower pots from one of these series, you can easily brighten up your garden!

4. Garden Stakes and More

Even more decorations for the garden! (Yes, there's more) From garden stakes to greenhouse decorations, you can decorate your garden in countless ways.

With a few garden stakes, you can instantly add extra flair to your garden. They come in all shapes and sizes, such as gnomes, rabbits, sheep, and birdhouses. You can easily stick them into the ground and move them around, so you can adjust them to the season or your mood. Garden stakes give your garden a personal touch and are super fun to look at. Place them among your flowers and plants or in the grass.

Moreover, there are many more fun decorations for the garden! Think of decorative greenhouses, tin tubs, plant holders, and more! With these decorations, you can brighten up your garden in countless ways and create a unique atmosphere.

5. Bistro Sets

Perfect for a delicious cup of coffee or a dinner for two: the bistro sets! Ideal for small gardens and balconies.

Do you have a small balcony or terrace? Then a bistro set is perfect. These compact furniture sets often consist of a small table and two chairs, ideal for your morning coffee or a dinner at sunset.

These bistro sets, or balcony sets, as the name suggests, are also ideal for balconies because they are so small. You can enjoy the fresh air without taking up much space. They are also perfect for gardens, small or large. They easily brighten up your garden; place them wherever you want and create a cozy atmosphere.

Bistro sets are compact and foldable, so you can easily store them indoors in autumn and winter. These sets are not resistant to rain, cold, and frost.



Not quite finished reading and still need that little bit of extra inspiration? Be sure to check out our spring blogs!

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