A noticeable Christmas table!

A white, tightly ironed tablecloth with a series of tea light holders no longer meets today's requirements. Nowadays we set the table with great care in certain themes and we even think about a table arrangement so that your favourite aunt can take a seat as close as possible to you at the table.

First decide in which style or colour theme you will decorate the table. Think, for example, of traditional or natural. Or choose for gold, pink tones or black and white. Start with a nice base using a tablecloth or table runner. After that, placemats made of cotton or rattan are excellent elements to keep the base as clean as possible during dining. Choose a nicely fitting crockery so that you can make a tight but beautiful stack. Use a charger plate, dinner plate, a smaller plate and a soup bowl. Drinking and wine glasses with a matching carafe is an unmissable factor!

A matching cotton napkin is not only practical, but also very decorative. You can put the cutlery in it nicely and decorate it with a napkin ring or homemade mini bouquet made of dried flowers or Christmas greenery. If you don't feel like doing a lot of laundry afterwards, choose matching paper napkins.

Now that the most important elements have found their place on the table, it is time for the decoration. Think in advance whether there are many dishes and bowls on the table, so that your creation will probably disappear from the table right at the start of the dinner party to make room. After that go for a group of decoration in the middle of the table. Start with large and high elements such as candlesticks and vases with exuberant Christmas branches with lights and (artificial) flowers. Group left and right of this creation tea light holders for extra atmosphere and cloches with matching Christmas trees, nutcrackers, Christmas figurines and, for example, Christmas angels.

If you want to go all out, a creation with hanging branches hanging from the ceiling is a nice matching option. Carefully light each branch so that the base is beautifully lit. Then decorate the branches with Christmas baubles, Christmas pendants and ornaments in the theme that matches the table decoration.

When everything is ready, you can give the guests a warm welcome. Enjoy your own Christmas paradise, being together and cosy (after) dining.

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