Autumn... the season of peace & harmony

We will list a few tips to find your own relax mode!


Mess causes chaos in the house and gives a room an uneasy appearance. Which makes coming home a lot less more fun. Take a look at your living room trough a different lens. Where can we make space for some handy storage baskets? In the form of baskets in different sizes, convenient crates or decorative boxes, they are not only a beautiful addition to the decorative surface. They are also perfect for quickly storing your belongings. It’s perfect for the hallway, and the children’s toys are easily and quickly out of sight. Good riddance!


Peace at home has everything to do with the energy flows in our environment and their effect on how we feel. Everyone feels a lot more comfortable in a house that has just been tidied up and cleaned and smells wonderfully fresh. On a dark evening we can easily create a delicious scent moment for ourselves by evaporating essential oil. A recommendation from us, lavender and amber are soothing scents. A decorative scent burner cannot be missed, because the eye wants something appealing!

Candlesticks and tea light holders are ingredients that are perfect atmosphere makers in the autumn season. They give a room an enormous atmosphere boost and are available in all kinds, styles and sizes. Candles do not only provide the necessary atmosphere and light, but also give off some warmth. Collect a collection of different types and colours of tea light holders on a beautiful tray or serving board and vary with various sizes and heights. This kind of setting is perfect for the coffee table or on an ottoman. Candlesticks come into their own on a sideboard, cupboard or fireplace. Place a duo of larger eye-catchers or choose, for example, a group of different sizes. This way you can add a touch of cosiness to any room and place in the house.


You can create a wonderful and relaxing environment on any sofa in no time, with a series of decorative cushions with a matching throw blanket. With these elements you can create a warmer and cosy look on any armchair. After a long day of curling up in a pile of pillows, warming up under a warm blanket with a piece of chocolate as icing on the cake… that's all we need, don’t we?


The impact of lighting in the home is an aspect that is often underestimated and forgotten. Lighting is the most important atmospheric element in the interior. Think of basic lighting and ambiance lighting. Basic lighting ensures that you can find your way in your house in the dark and are often the lamps that you turn on first when enter a certain room. Ambiance lighting is an addition to the basic lighting and – as the name suggests – provides the much-needed atmosphere in a room. With ambiance lighting you can think of table, wall and ceiling lighting. Nothing is better than spending the dark autumn evenings in an atmospheric and beautifully lit room. Our range of lamps has enough for each category mentioned in every desired style. Go for a collection of lamps in the same style for a calm vibe or mix and match different styles for a cheerful and slightly colourful effect. When you choose for a specific lampshade, you can deal with the impact of light in a creatively way. Are you going for a quiet atmosphere with a closed lampshade? Or do you choose for the effect of light reflection by choosing for an openwork and decorative lampshade?


Plants also create a pleasant atmosphere in a room. Strategically placed greenery, in a corner or on the windowsill, makes a home more friendly. Easily said, plants are energy givers, literally and figuratively. With a beautiful matching planter, this element will also blend nicely into the rest of your interior. Our range of planters and baskets includes collections that consist of a series, so that different heights and sizes are available in the same design and colour. Put on those beautiful rose-coloured glasses at home and get started with our tips. Turn your home into a wonderful home to relax and put your feet up. You will be ready for the cold autumn days with our tips!

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