Bring autumn into your home with pumpkins

When most people think of pumpkins, they immediately think of Halloween. Which is fine, of course, but you do not have to immediately start hollowing out and create a scary face. Pumpkins give a lot of colour and come in a huge number of variants and sizes. Don't feel like getting real pumpkins at home? Our collection offers more than enough alternatives in different materials and sizes.

Choose a beautiful decorative bowl with a porcelain specimen in the middle. Collect some autumn leaves or pinecones to put around it… et voila! Fall vibes in a heartbeat! Decorative pumpkins in different sizes are available on the windowsill or, for example, on a fireplace. Grouping the same items together creates tranquillity in your interior.

Our decorative pumpkins are also extremely suitable for placing in a bell jar. Place your creation on a larger bowl or plate and add autumn leaves, ornamental gourds or ornamental fruits for even more colour. With a series of tealight holders as an extra addition, the cosy autumn evenings can begin.

Are you expecting children at your door during Halloween? Decorate a nice corner at the front door. Think of a beautifully decorated wreath on the door, a small stool or table with accessories such as pumpkins, pinecones, lanterns and of course a delicious bowl of candy. Trick or Treat!

Take a look at our autumn accessories and get started on your own! We are very curious how our accessories have found their place in your home. Will you share them with us on social media? Start using #milatonie!

“Pumpkin kisses and crisp Autumn wishes”

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