Everything you need to know about the high tea!

Where did the high tea originate from?

When you think of a high tea, you probably think of a lovely afternoon filled with delicious sweet and savory appetizers accompanied by a tea tasting. Originally the high tea was an afternoon occupancy. In Victorian times there were usually only two meals consumed a day. One meal would be in the late morning, similar to what we now know as brunch. And the second would be a nightly supper. Many people, however, developed an appetite in the late afternoon. As did a British Duchess, who enjoyed several sweet and savory appetizers in the late afternoon, accompanies by her afternoon tea. Many other noble families soon adopted her afternoon tea habit and eventually, the working class did as well. Who took their afternoon tea on high barstools or even while sitting up, which is where the ‘high’ in high tea came from. A luxurious tea moment for the sweet-toothed appetite. 

What is the high tea exactly?

The high tea is an elaborate meal usually served in the late afternoon that traditionally consists of several sweet and savory appetizers accompanied by tea. The appetizers can vary from sweet cakes, bonbons, and cookies to savory bakings and small sandwiches. The high tea is usually accompanied by several different types of tea like Jasmin, earl grey or vervain tea. But recently more and more variations rise where you can switch your tea tasting for a nice rosé wine or prosecco. To add to the luxurious and modern character. On top of that, fruit juices and smoothies are also a delicious addition to any high tea. 

Because the high tea often consists of a multitude of small appetizers, they are usually served on an etagere. An etagere is a shelving of 2 or more plates in a holder that stacks them on top of each other like a sturdy tower that you can then fill with caked, sandwiches and other delicious bites. 

What china is fitting for a high tea?

When you think of a lavish high tea, chances are that you immediately think of those cute old fashioned floral teacups and saucers. You could of course opt for an original antique tea set, but there are a wide variety of affordable alternatives as well in our crockery collections. Apart from several crockery collections that are adorned with floral and botanical patterns, we also have other collections. From happy polka dots and hearts to adorable kittens, deer, chickens, and foxes. And from Christmas to easter collections. 

Apart from a nice tea set, this web shop also has a wide variety of bonbonnieres, water jugs, storage jars, serving dishes, étagères, and the best kitchen textiles. Even if you are not a big fan of floral china, Milatonie also has other sorts of ceramics and glass items for your high tea. There will always be something to your fancy! 

What to serve during a high tea?

During a high tea, you can serve several different types of appetizers. And of course, you are always free to dive into the kitchen and bake anything out of the ordinary if you’d like! The main thing about a high tea is creating a lovely afternoon moment where you can enjoy the company of your friends paired with lovely appetizers and tea. It doesn’t matter if that is sweet or savory, as long as it’s delicious!

We have made a shortlist for you with possible appetizers you could serve during a high tea. And when it comes to the tea itself, you could go for fresh tea like mint or fruit tea. But flower tea always makes a lovely addition to the ‘regular tea’ kinds that you are accustomed to. At the end of this article, we have our favorite tea recommendation that will provide a magical touch to your next high tea that will definitely be a showstopper. 

Sweet appetizers;

• Scones with sour cream and jam

• Cupcakes

• Lemon cakes

• Small cheesecakes (Especially if they are made with a Bastogne cookie bottom!)

• Macarons

• Cookies

• Yoghurt with fruits

• Cinnamon buns

• Truffles

• Bonbons

• Brownies

Savory appetizers;

• Sandwiches

• Mini quiches

• Small wraps

• Crackers with salads

• Carpaccio bites

• Puff pastry bites

Apart from delicious bites and appetizers, a few delicious fresh fruit juices and water always make a good addition to the tea. Or be a little crazy and substitute the tea with a nice rosé wine or a nice glass of sparkly prosecco! 

Or favorite tea for your high tea!

As promised, we will delight you with what we consider to be the perfect high tea that you can serve in a beautiful Milatonie cup and saucer set during your next high tea. This tea is guaranteed to be a shop stopper with little to no effort!

The tea we speak of is called Butterfly Pea Flower tea. You may have heard the name already or have seen it around online This is a natural tea made from nothing more than a couple of dried flowers and a little lemon juice. The Butterfly Pea tea flowers give an intensely blue hue to the water in no time and 4 to 6 flowers (6 is very strong!) for a large mug is more than enough. We recommend serving this tea in a glass, like one of the many beautiful tea glasses from Clayre & Eef from the Milatonie.nl collection. When the Butterfly Pea Tea has reached a nice shade of blue after a few minutes, add a few drops of lemon juice and watch the magic happen. The acid in the lemon juice will turn the blue colored tea into a deep purple! And that while it’s 100% natural. 

This amazing tea is rich in antioxidants which are beneficial to both skin and hair. And help maintain a healthy gut as well. Apart from that, for many people, this tea will also help stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels in the body.

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