Get your home ready for Christmas!

Consider, for example, a grouping of decorative trees made of wood and glass with the addition of some twigs of Christmas greenery and - for an even cosier effect - lights. Perfect for a fireplace or cupboard! Bell jars and lanterns are also fun elements that can be filled with Christmas baubles and ornaments. Place a series of Christmas figures, candlesticks and reindeers so that the entire surface is lavishly filled. Traditional Christmas socks can of course not be missed and provide a good dose of traditional Christmas vibes.

Are you a real star in puzzles? Then get started with wood! Take, for example, a large sheet of MDF from which you saw the contours of a Christmas tree. Lightly zigzag a string on the wood and use screws or nails to attach Christmas baubles, pendants and ornaments in the desired colour to the wood. Your own DIY tree is ready to steal the show at home in a heartbeat. A nice side effect is that this alternative Christmas tree can also be reused every year.

A series of photo frames with atmospheric images, old photos and texts can completely form the contours of a Christmas tree on the wall or a paper plate. Don't feel like having so many nails in your wall? Then choose an image of a Christmas tree or atmospheric nutcracker on a large wall hanging. These are elements that give you a huge dose of Christmas in one go.

Do you want to go for a rougher version? Choose a ladder that stands free in the room, in which you can incorporate lights, garlands and ornaments. The Christmas gifts can also be a nice addition by involving them on every step in the atmospheric whole. A ladder is also very decorative on the wall, both horizontally and vertically. After the Christmas days you have a nice eye-catcher in your home every season that can be decorated again and again with matching home decorations in a specific theme.

In addition to the standard Christmas trees, you can also use bare branches to decorate with. In a beautiful large vase on the table, or hanging on the wall or ceiling, these are perfect blank canvases that can be decorated as colourfully as you want. Choose Christmas baubles and garlands in a certain style, or mix different colours together for a surprising and cheerful effect. Finally, add the lights, so that this creation can also shine in the house.

During the winter, every garden could use a good dose of cosiness. This Christmas, get rid of standard decorations and traditions and create your own winter wonderland in the garden. Lights always bring a lot of atmosphere, such as garden lighting that is stretched from fence to fence so that the garden can catch a little light everywhere. Attach a decorative rod to the garden table with clamps and hang a series of Christmas balls and Christmas pendants on it. Drape some branches of Christmas greenery on the table and place a series of candlesticks together for an attractive whole. Are you going all in? Invite your friends and family to spend Christmas outside. Add decorative cushions and plaids for the necessary warmth, place a generous amount of lanterns scattered in the garden and light the fire in the fire pit. You cover the garden table with attractive Christmas textiles, beautiful wine and drinking glasses. With matching Christmas tableware, the picture is more than complete and everyone can sit down. Offer the guests a delicious glass of mulled wine and the winter enjoyment can begin. Is the visit at home? Then leave the curtains open in the evening and enjoy the cosiness that comes into your home from the garden.

There are so many ideas to get started. Our collection therefore offers more than enough Christmas decorations that can be perfectly used in these creations. Did you know that we can be found in Roermond with an attractive Christmas shop full of Christmas accessories? This one is all about Christmas. Come along and enjoy the anticipation. Do you already have a plan of action? We are curious where your sleigh ends up ;)

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