Picnicing is made easy with these 5 tips

#1 Bring the right things

When you think of picnic equipment you probably immediately think of a big plaid or tablecloth, or that nice picnic table in your local park. With a large tablecloth or plaid from Clayre & Eef you have the perfect place to sit down. And if you want to go for the classic picnicking look, Clayre & Eef has a white and red checkered tablecloth with a beige hem that is decorated with cute chickens. You won’t get more classic than that. You can easily bring this when it’s folded up in a large Clayre & Eef storage basket. Or get a set, that way someone else can share some of the load. Very often you don’t need to buy special equipment to go picnicking. The basket may already be in your living room and the blanket you sit on may be your everyday tablecloth. If you do some smart shopping when it comes to your interior, you can make it multifunctional and not need any specific picnicking items. 

Apart from a tablecloth or plaid you also need tableware to eat from. On Milatonie.nl you will find several different series of plates, cups, mugs and glasses that will range from bread shaped plates to intricate floral design porcelain. A personal favorite are the Clayre & Eef ceramic sets that are made to look like enamel and are available in both pink and green. It just adds that little hint of the outdoorsy camp life to your picnic. 

#2 don’t be uncomfortable!

When it comes to picnicking a lot of people will only think of bringing a blanket or tablecloth to sit on. But that gets pretty uncomfortable after a while. We love the seat cushions from Clayre & Eef, they are available in several different colors and patterns. From neutral grey to floral patterns and ruffles. And of course, they will usually be outside on your garden chairs, however, you can always bring them with you on a picnic! You can even tie them together (although don’t make knots) making it easier to carry multiple seat cushions at once. For the cushions that don’t have ribbon knots on the side, you could loop a belt through their handle to allow for easy carrying. That way you know you will have a comfortable seat all afternoon. 

If you happen to have a pallet sofa in your garden, you could even bring your pallet sofa cushion along to sit on during your picnic. These large pillows can seat multiple people and are great for a nap. You can also find several pallet cushions on Milatonie.nl.

#3 Check your essentials

A good picnic can be a spontaneous one, but it’s always great to make sure you don’t end up in the park with all kinds of spreads for bread or toast, only to realize you left the knives sitting in the kitchen drawer. If that does ever happen to you and you forgot all your cutlery, don’t fret. Your ATM card makes a pretty decent replacement bread knife to get it done, or you could just convert to dipping. 

The essentials for a successful picnic in a row;

• A (table) cloth, plaid or blanket to sit on

• A large basket or basket set

• Tableware (plates, mugs, cups, glasses)

• Cutlery

• Napkins

• Trash bag

• A (cooler) bag for the food

• Food and beverages

• A good location

Think of it like this, sometimes it’s just better to keep things simple when it comes to organizing a picnic. An afternoon spent by the water with some delicious sandwiches from the gas station could be a bigger success than stowing half your kitchen into a handcart and lugging that around. 

#4 Good food

Good food doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple watermelon is already delicious just the way it is. You could start cooking to your heart's content if you’d like. But it’s fine if you don’t feel like it. Life is already busy enough as it is and you don’t need to prepare a gourmet meal to have a great picnic outdoors. If you just get some delicious bread and toppings, you can already make the best of a day outside in the afternoon sun! 

A couple of foods that are great for a picnic are things like quiche, baguette with toppings, salads, watermelon or just simple vegetable snacks like carrots or cucumber slices. And if you decide to go picnicking with multiple people, take it easy and let everybody bring their own food and supplies. That way you have a delicious picnic buffet set up in no time at all.

#5 A beautiful location

After two years filled with lockdowns, we can imagine you are a little sick of picnicking in your own garden or balcony. We all want to get outside again and spending a day in a completely different environment is beneficial to our health. You could choose to go for a picnic in the woods, a short stroll to an open space reduces stress and the forest is a wonderful place to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature and for kids to play around. If you don’t feel like the woods or a local park, you could go to the beach for a beach picnic as well. Although it is vital to pick a day with no wind, you probably won’t enjoy actual sand in your sandwich. The Dutch have a typical expression that goes “sand chafes the stomach” but no one will actually enjoy eating sandy snacks, not even the Dutch with their odd sayings. 

When you go for a picnic, always double-check that the spot you leave behind is actually clean. This is why you brought the trash bag. All pieces of paper, plastic, bottles and other packaging should come with you again. But even fruit peels and things you may consider biodegradable trash should end up in your trash bag and not in the bushes. Things like banana peels or orange peels do not belong in nature and should not end up there. Just throw them in your trash bag and dispose of it properly later. That way we ensure nature remains clean for everyone to enjoy. 

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