The most popular garden styles of the moment

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The Most Popular Garden Styles of the Moment

Whether you enjoy reading a book with a cup of coffee or having a cozy drink with family and friends, your garden is the perfect place to relax and enjoy. That's why you want your garden to look its best. The decor and style of your garden greatly influence the atmosphere. For example, an English garden provides a romantic feeling, while an Ibiza garden gives a real summer vibe. We have summarized the most popular garden styles of the moment for you, making it easier to choose. Which garden style will you go for?

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The Ibiza Garden

Want a quick trip to the sun? You can easily bring an Ibiza vibe to your garden without major changes. The Ibiza garden exudes a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere. Think white walls, natural materials, and earthy accents. This garden style is perfect for those who love a casual and cozy look.

Features of the Ibiza Garden:

- Colors: Lots of white, combined with earthy colors like beige, terracotta, sand, and olive green.
- Materials: Natural materials such as wood, bamboo, rattan, and linen.
- Furniture: Lounge furniture, hammocks, and large cushions for relaxing.
- Plants: Exotic plants like palm trees, olive trees, and bougainvillea.
- Decor: Lanterns, wind lights, outdoor rugs, and handmade accessories.

With these tips, you'll have an authentic Ibiza garden in no time! Did you know that with just the right decor, you can go a long way without spending a lot? Dress up your current garden furniture with an outdoor rug, cushions, plants, and pots in the Ibiza style, and you're almost there!


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The Cottage Garden

A Cottage garden exudes natural beauty, as if nature itself has shaped the garden. This type of garden is characterized by long sightlines, large areas of grass and flowers, and natural boundaries like hedges of dogwood or hawthorn.

Features of the Cottage Garden:

- Colors: Natural colors like green, brown, and beige.
- Materials: Use wood, natural stone, and gravel for an authentic look. Wooden pergolas, gravel paths, and stone walls enhance the country atmosphere.
- Furniture: Sturdy wooden furniture, often weathered and natural-looking.
- Plants: Lush planting with native species, wildflowers, grasses, and fruit trees. Lavender, roses, and hydrangeas add color and fragrance.
- Decor: Concrete vases, large rattan plant baskets, and zinc decorations.
- Tips: Create long sightlines for depth, use water for extra life and experience, plant various hedges and trees for structure and privacy.

In a cottage garden, you are surrounded by nature and can truly relax, while enjoying the beautiful, natural appearance of long sightlines, lush planting, and rustic elements that make this garden style so unique.

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The English Garden

An English garden is perfect for those who love romance and lush planting. This style is known for its ornamental flower borders, winding paths, and charming details.

Features of the English Garden:

- Colors: In an English garden, you’ll find mainly blue, pink, and purple flowers.
- Materials: Brick, cobblestone, gravel, and wood.
- Furniture: Classic garden furniture, often painted white. A bistro set fits perfectly as well.
- Plants: Roses, geraniums, hydrangeas, foxgloves, climbing roses, and boxwoods, among many others! Choose a mix of perennials complemented by annuals and biennials.
- Decor: Garden statues, birdhouses, and romantic pergolas.

An English garden is known for its lush plants, so you can go all out here. To replicate the true English look, you could lay a path that leads to a cozy seating area. Opt for a cobblestone-look path for that authentic English feel. As a finishing touch, use decor like zinc watering cans and buckets and other old ornaments!

The Mediterranean Garden

A Mediterranean garden radiates warmth and coziness, inspired by gardens in countries like Spain, Italy, and Greece. This style is ideal for lovers of a warm, inviting, and rustic atmosphere. But how do you create a Mediterranean garden? We’ll guide you step by step!

Features of the Mediterranean Garden:

- Colors: Earthy tones like terracotta, ochre yellow, reddish-brown, and olive green.

- Materials: Natural stone, terracotta tiles, and wrought iron elements.
- Furniture: Wooden or wrought iron furniture, often with cushions in warm tones.
- Plants: Lavender, rosemary, thyme, olive trees, and citrus trees.
- Decor: Fountains, mosaics, and colorful pots.

A Mediterranean garden invites long summer evenings with friends and family. Create a cozy seating area under a pergola covered with grapevines and enjoy the outdoor life.

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