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Christmas tree out... now what?

Start the new year green!

Plants are a nice solution to brighten up your home. Now we all know that maintenance usually requires some effort, but with the New Year's resolutions in mind, this is a nice challenge to cultivate a green thumb. If you really don't have a set of green fingers, you will also find a series of beautiful artificial plants in our collection ;)

There's a lid for every jar

To give all those new 'oxygen bombs' a nice place in the house, a beautiful and suitable flower pot is an absolute must-have of course! Do you opt for a series of pots in the same color and with the same pattern, or are you going for a colorful mix? There is plenty of choice in terms of material, dimensions and style. Choose a few larger specimens or place grouped plants on, for example, a tray or a wooden cutting board.

The trendy dried flowers

Dried flowers are also a nice alternative. In addition to being extremely practical - because they don't need water - they are also a huge trend at the moment and they last a very long time. Choose large and full in a beautiful vase as an eye-catcher. But with a single bunch, you can also make several small variations in, for example, a bell jar or a group of smaller vases on a tray. Is someone having a birthday soon? Fill a test tube yourself with a few dried flowers as a gift. The birthday person has a nice little something that will be a keepsake for life.

Additional supplements do no harm

When all those Christmas lights are gone from the house, it will immediately be a lot darker in the house. With a side table with a beautiful table lamp on top, this problem is solved in an instant. You will find side tables in all shapes, materials and sizes. This item is extremely practical because it can serve as an extra coffee table on special occasions. With the addition of a beautiful table lamp, there is immediately extra atmosphere and the lack of the Christmas tree will no longer be felt.

Choose the solution that suits you best and view our wide range!

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