The legal warranty applies to your purchase, any additional warranties offered by us do not affect this. Legal warranty means that a product has to do what a customer expects it do to in reasonable terms. In addition, you may reasonably assess whether the product is satisfactory.

We as sellers are responsible for the delivery of a good product. If the product contains errors or we have made a mistake, we will refund or replace the product. If the product has been used incorrect, we may ask for a fee.

At all times we ask you to contact our customer service before returning a product. 

To make a claim to the warranty, you have to provide proof of purchase. The easiest way to provide this is to send a copy of the invoice or the invoice number to us. In case of defects, we will first exchange or repair the product.
If a product can’t be repaired or the exchanged product shows the same defects, you can return the product for a full refund. It is also possible that you may keep the products and get a partial refund. 

The guarantee does not affect the statutory rights of the consumer.

If you want to claim warranty, we advise you to send an email to, specifying the ordernumber and the relevant productnumber.

  • Our warranty provision can only be invoked during normal use of a product.
  • Excessive or unnatural damage and wear, or damage by incorrect use are not included.
  • In case of textile products, the warranty expires when the product is not washed following washing instructions.

Damaged product

Sometimes it can happen that during delivery a product will get damaged or that there was already excisting damage on the product which was overlooked during packing. After receiving the product you have 13 days to report this to us. You can do this by sending an email to, specifying the ordernumber, the relevant productnumber and an attached photo of the damaged product. Milatonie will then decide rather the damage will be refunded or the product will be exchanged. 

  • A damaged product can only be exchanged during normal use. 
  • Excessive or unnatural damage and wear, or damage by incorrect use are not included.


If you have a complaint, we advise you first to contact us via If this does not lead to a solution, then it’s possible to address your dispute for mediation. You can find more information about disputes in our terms & conditions.