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  • A good base for spring
    Pubblicato il : 28/12/2022 | Categoria : Primavera

    Every year, as soon as we feel the spring sun on our face and we can put away the thick scarves and mittens, we get energy for ten. We want to go outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, into the garden to get ready for this summer and immediately start a thorough spring cleaning. We can make good use of this decisiveness, if we want to make our home fresh and cosy so that we can spend the upcoming Easter with family at home.

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  • Christmas tree out… now what?
    Pubblicato il : 27/12/2022 | Categoria : Primavera

    Traditionally, around Epiphany it is time to tidy up the Christmas tree with all its decorations. Not everyone adheres to this unwritten rule and on January 6 it is not yet time for many Christmas lovers to start cleaning up all those lights and decorations. On the other hand, it is wise to make a plan of action to fill the void of all those decorations, Christmas greenery and glitter in the house.

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  • Trend of the moment: Dried flowers
    Pubblicato il : 16/12/2022 | Categoria : Stili interni

    We all actually know how it goes. You are surprised with a beautiful bunch of flowers, but after more than a week the beauty is already gone and you prefer to say goodbye to it again and then you are fed up with the empty space that is now located where the well-filled vase used to be. This will not happen to you if you choose dried flowers!

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  • A happy New Year!
    Pubblicato il : 12/12/2022 | Categoria : Natale

    Each year ends with the celebration of New Year's Eve and New Year at midnight. We often do this with friends or family. We also reflect on the past year and make plans with good intentions for the new year.

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  • Christmas is not complete without gifts
    Pubblicato il : 16/11/2022 | Categoria : Natale

    A beautifully decorated Christmas tree is no longer complete without a nice pile of presents underneath, all wrapped with great care and attention. But why do we give each other gifts during these days?

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  • The Magic of the Nutcracker
    Pubblicato il : 10/11/2022 | Categoria : Natale

    It is a true trend in itself. Nutcrackers are indispensable wherever Christmas decorations can be seen with all their lights and glitter. They come in all imaginable sizes and colours. But where did this nutcracker actually come from?

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  • A noticeable Christmas table!
    Pubblicato il : 26/10/2022 | Categoria : Natale

    Christmas is celebrated with friends and family with the Christmas spirit in mind. But secretly we all know that the main activities during the holidays are all about delicious food and drinks. Whether you think of Christmas breakfast, Christmas drinks or Christmas dinner, we prefer to spend these activities at a fantastically decorated table.

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  • Bring autumn into your home with pumpkins
    Pubblicato il : 14/09/2022 | Categoria : Autunno

    Now that autumn has started meteorologically, we can get started with autumn decoration both indoors and outdoors. This autumn we have fun activities on our calendar, like Halloween. Time to bring autumn into your home!

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