At MilaTonie you will find the complete Easter collection of the Clayre & Eef brand. Whether you are looking for a cheerful tablecloth for Easter brunch, a decorative Easter bunny for your windowsill or a cheerful pendant to decorate your Easter branches. Here you will find everything to cheer up your home and get it ready for the holidays. Get inspired and create your own happiness with the most unique Easter decoration!

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Egg holders

Where is the best place to store eggs? In a stylish egg holder from the Clayre & Eef brand. An egg holder is a decorative kitchen accessory in which you can easily store eggs. At MilaTonie you will find various egg holders, egg cabinets and egg baskets. With these timeless items you add more atmosphere to the kitchen.

Tip from MilaTonie

Why shouldn't you keep eggs in the fridge? Often there is an egg holder in the door of the refrigerator, but this place can cause the eggs to rot faster. This is due to the varying temperatures, because the door is always open. So use one of our stylish egg holders, egg cabinets or egg baskets and keep the eggs nice and fresh.

Inspirerende Spring jitters

You can make Easter extra cosy with the right decoration. But inspiration is required. That is why MilaTonie has some nice decoration tips for Easter.

Easter in a glass cloche

A glass cloches looks elegant and you have countless decoration options. For Easter you can fill it with grass or (artificial) flowers with a decorative image as a showpiece. And at MilaTonie you will find the best figures and images for Easter. There are not only nice statues available, but also unique cloches that fit perfectly with Easter. An atmospheric glass cloche with rabbit ears, cute isn't it?

The suitable rabbit figure for Easter

At MilaTonie you can buy the cutest rabbit figurines. There is a large choice of different types of rabbit figures. Images that are a bit more detailed, modern images, Easter images and much more. What does that mean? Well think of rabbit statues with eggs, modern golden statues or rabbit statues with other animals.

During Easter, of course, a rabbit statue should not be missing from your home decoration. At MilaTonie you will find a wide range of all kinds of figurines that look very cosy during the holidays.

Cosy dining during Easter breakfast

Easter is full of fun and that should certainly be present during dinner. But how do you decorate your table for Easter? Well what should not be missing are decorative branches, egg cups and a tablecloth. MilaTonie is just the right place for this matter!

MilaTonie offers plenty of Easter items. Images that are fun to combine for the table. But also vases and kitchen textiles with an extra touch of Easter. Enjoy a delicious croissant and a cup of coffee and let yourself be enchanted by the Spring fever.

Decorating for Easter

Spring is coming and nature is starting to bloom. And that's what Easter celebration is all about. And you can celebrate that with the best Easter decorations. At MilaTonie you will find all kinds of decoration items for Easter. From beautiful vases to fun statues & figures.

And of course we don't stop there. You will also find nice cloches and bonbonnieres. You can fill these with delicious delicacies or decorate them uniquely with, for example, nice Easter branches. At MilaTonie you will most certainly find the perfect Easter decoration. Get inspired!