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Easter is one of the happiest holidays celebrated worldwide. At MilaTonie, you'll find everything you need to celebrate Easter, whether it's hunting for Easter eggs, preparing a delicious Easter brunch, or decorating your home. Explore our extensive selection of Easter decorations, gifts, and items, all of the highest quality and at affordable prices. Whether you're looking for a cheerful tablecloth for Easter brunch, a decorative Easter bunny for your windowsill, or a festive ornament to decorate your Easter branches, MilaTonie has everything you need to make Easter an unforgettable event. Browse through our range and be inspired to create your own happiness with the most unique Easter decorations!

how to decorate my home for easter?

Looking for creative ideas to brighten up your home for Easter? Discover simple and stylish decoration tips to bring the Easter spirit into your home! From colorful Easter eggs to charming Easter flowers, we share inspiration to transform your interior into a festive Easter paradise. Let our suggestions guide you in table decorations, window embellishments, and more. Learn how to create a maximum Easter feeling with minimal effort. Make Easter a memorable celebration with our handy decoration tips!

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Discover our extensive Easter assortment and give your home a fresh, festive look! From stylish tableware to practical kitchen accessories and cozy kitchen textiles, we have everything you need to complete your Easter celebration. Add a touch of warmth to your interior with our atmospheric home textiles and enchanting home decor. Whether you're looking for colorful egg cups, cheerful kitchen towels, or elegant Easter decorations, our range has something for everyone. Make this Easter celebration a special occasion with our high-quality and charming Easter products. Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality for an unforgettable Easter celebration!

A breakfast plate with a rabbit on it, and on the plate, there's an egg and three carrots
A gray fabric sofa with three decorative cushions in solid colors, featuring rabbits and oriental patterns. There's also a white throw with a cup and saucer on the sofa
Easter decoration with a rabbit statue, pink flower pots and vases with tulips, and a glass cloche with an Easter bunny statue
home decor
Cheerful Easter figurines with glass tea light holders and a country-style blue vase
figurines & statues
textiles for the easter brunch

Make your Easter brunch extra special with our beautiful range of textiles! Explore our high-quality kitchen textiles and table textiles, specially designed to transform your Easter table into a stylish festive decor. From colorful tablecloths and napkins to durable kitchen textiles, our collection offers a perfect blend of elegance and functionality. Create a cozy atmosphere with soft and festive materials that not only add comfort but also enhance the festive joy. Be inspired by our beautiful textile collection and make your Easter brunch an unforgettable event full of style and refinement!

An Easter oven mitt and pot holder
BSLC Bunnies in Love
A white breakfast plate with a chicken paper napkin, a knife, and quail eggs
CAR chicken and rooster
A linen tea towel with a rustic drawn rooster on it
DFR devine french rooster
A pink cotton napkin with a floral bunny on it
FEB Floral Easter Bunny
A pink tablecloth with an Easter bunny and colorful flowers on it
HBU Happy Bunny
A set Easter table with a rustic bunny and butterflies
REB rustic easter bunny
which style suits you?

Discover which style suits you best: Rustic Easter or Colorful Easter? Create a charming, rural atmosphere with our Rustic Easter assortment, where natural textures, subtle tones, and artisan details come together for a warm and inviting look. Or opt for the lively and festive atmosphere of Colorful Easter, with an explosion of colors and playful patterns that bring your Easter celebration to life. Whichever style you choose, our assortment offers high-quality decorations, tableware, and accessories to make your Easter celebration perfect. Let your personal style speak and make Easter an unforgettable celebration according to your unique preferences!

Rustic Easter decoration with photo frames, flower pots, silver rabbit statues, and decorative eggs
Rustic Easter
A wall shelf with various colorful rabbit statues with colored eggs
Colourful Easter
inspiration for easter
A white egg cup with a rustic bunny on it

egg holders

Surprise your guests during the Easter breakfast with our cute egg holders! Whether you're looking for a funny, classic, or trendy style, you'll always find the perfect egg holder for your Easter table or kitchen with us. Our egg holders are available in different colors and designs. Order today and make your Easter breakfast extra special with our beautiful egg holders!

tip from milatonie

Did you know that it's better not to store eggs in the refrigerator? Although the refrigerator door often has a convenient egg holder, fluctuating temperatures can cause the eggs to spoil faster. But no worries, we have the solution for you! Use one of our stylish egg holders, egg trays, or egg baskets to keep your eggs fresh. Our egg holders are not only practical but also a beautiful addition to your kitchen or dining table. Order today and enjoy delicious fresh eggs without having to store them in the refrigerator!

A glass cloche with a rabbit bust

inspiring spring vibes

Looking for inspiration for Easter decoration? Make your Easter celebration extra cozy with the right decoration! Fortunately, you don't have to look any further, as MilaTonie has gathered some fun Easter decoration tips. Whether you love colorful flowers, cute Easter bunnies, or elegant Easter branches, you'll find everything you need to decorate your home in the Easter spirit with us. Explore our selection of high-quality and affordable decorations and make your Easter celebration unforgettable!

easter in a glass cloche

Want to decorate your home for Easter in an elegant way? Then a cloche might be the perfect solution for you! With a cloche, you have countless decoration possibilities, especially for Easter. Fill the cloche with grass or (artificial) flowers and add a cute decorative figurine as a centerpiece. At MilaTonie, you'll find the cutest decorative figurines for Easter, as well as unique cloches that perfectly suit this festive time of year. How about an atmospheric cloche with rabbit ears? Let your creativity run wild and create your own Easter decoration.

A wooden tray with two spring decorative eggs in it


Our Easter blogs are filled with the best recipes, creative decoration ideas, and useful tips to make your Easter celebration a great success. Whether you're looking for tasty Easter brunch recipes or inspiration for decorating your home, we have everything you need to make Easter unforgettable.

From quick and simple egg dishes to cozy table decorations such as Easter tableware, Easter textiles, Easter decorations, egg holders, and more to complete your Easter table. Our blogs are filled with inspiration and creativity to help you plan and celebrate this special season. Discover our blogs and get inspired for a joyous and delicious feast

the right easter bunny figurine for easter

At MilaTonie, you can buy the cutest Easter bunny figurines. There is a wide choice of different types of rabbit figures. Figures that are more detailed, sleeker figures, Easter figures, and much more. What does that mean? Well, think of rabbit figures with eggs, sleek golden figures, or rabbit figurines with other animals. During Easter, a rabbit figure is, of course, a must. At MilaTonie, you'll find a wide selection of all kinds of figurines that look very cozy during the holidays.

cozy dining during the easter breakfast

Easter is full of coziness, and that should also be present during dining. But how do you decorate your table for Easter? Well, what absolutely must not be missing are decoration branches, egg cups, and a tablecloth. MilaTonie is the right place for this. MilaTonie offers a wide range of Easter items. Figures that are fun to combine for the table. But also vases and kitchen textiles with an extra touch of Easter. Enjoy a delicious croissant and a cup of coffee and be enchanted by the Spring vibes.

easter decoration at milatonie

Spring is emerging, and nature is blooming. And that's something to celebrate with Easter. But Easter decoration cannot be missing. And at MilaTonie, you'll find all kinds of decoration items for Easter. From lovely vases to cute figurines & statues. And that's not all. You'll also find cute cloches and bonbonnières. These can be filled with delicious delicacies or uniquely decorated with, for example, lovely Easter branches. The most enjoyable Easter decoration is, of course, available online at MilaTonie. Get inspired!