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Bread baskets

Bread on the table gets an extra dimension in a cheerful fabric bread basket of Clayre & Eef. The daily breakfast sandwiches, the croissants on Sunday and the baguette at the barbecue, you just feel more like it. The sizes of the bread baskets are standard, but the range of designs is almost unlimited. You can choose from several fabrics for every occasion and in every colour scheme. The price may differ, but not the quality!

Extensive Range of Bread Baskets

On MilaTonie's webshop, you'll find a beautiful and extensive range of bread baskets. Almost all of our bread baskets are of the same size, yet they each have their unique charm. How is that possible, you ask? Well, it's all about the designs! At Clayre & Eef, we design our own textile series, and you can find these beautiful designs on our bread baskets.

In addition to our bread baskets, we also offer a lovely bread bag in our collection. This bread bag is gray in color and features a neutral yet charming heart print. It measures 28x68 cm, so you can carry plenty of bread or even a long baguette. It's practical for both!

Not Just for Bread

Our sturdy bread baskets are not limited to bread alone. You can use them to store other items as well, such as croissants, bagels, fruits, or muffins. Do you need a basket for everyday use, or are you looking for a special one for holidays? Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it at MilaTonie.

Additional Products

Clayre & Eef's bread baskets are part of a complete textile series. So, if you're searching for a beautiful addition to your kitchen, take a look at the rest of our kitchen textiles. Here, you'll find kitchen textiles with matching designs, including aprons, oven gloves, pot holders, tea towels, and much more. We also have adorable children's kitchen textiles. Our children's kitchen textiles include kids' aprons, kids' pot holders, and kids' oven gloves. Complete the picture with Clayre & Eef's kitchen textiles!

Unique Designs

Our bread baskets are adorned with the most unique designs that you'll fall in love with. They are designed by hand at Clayre & Eef, which makes them unique in themselves. But, thematically and stylistically, they are easy to blend with your interior and kitchen.

Are you a cheerful and flowery type? Take a look at our blooming textile series like Rustic Rose, Flowerbomb, Dotty Rose, and Little Rose Collection. Or do you lean more towards a rustic look? Then, go for our Chicken and Rooster, Romantic Roses, or Lavender Garden series. Neither of these? No problem! We have plenty of textile series with the most diverse designs. Mix and match with Clayre & Eef's textile series!

Dining with the Most Charming Bread Baskets

You'll use bread baskets most often during breakfast, whether it's an elaborate one or a quick bite. Our bread baskets are easy to use. Each corner is equipped with a string, so you can tie them together, and voila! You have a bread basket. When you untie the strings, the bread basket becomes flat, which is ideal for storage. And to make dining even more enjoyable, both sides of the bread baskets are covered in different patterns. Be daring and use the inside as the outside. It's a fun change, isn't it?

Quality Bread Baskets

You'll find quality bread baskets at MilaTonie. Our bread baskets are made of cotton, which extends their lifespan. Cotton is a soft and easy-to-care-for fabric, making the bread baskets washable. So, if you ever spill something or make a significant stain, it's not a problem. Clayre & Eef always guarantees quality bread baskets.

Cotton Bread Baskets

Cotton bread baskets are popular choices for the kitchen due to their durability and aesthetic appeal. They can be washed, which makes them ideal for regular use. Moreover, cotton bread baskets can be crafted in various styles and colors, making them easily adaptable to different kitchen decors. However, please note that while cotton is breathable and can help keep bread fresher for longer, bread stored in a cotton basket may not stay fresh as long as in a bread bin or bread box.

Key Features of Clayre & Eef Bread Baskets:

• Made of sturdy cotton
• Washable and easy to store
• Practical and beautiful at the same time
• Safe for warm rolls from the oven
• Size: 35*35*8 cm
• Equipped with 4 convenient ribbons
• Print in a rustic style, adding a warm atmosphere to your kitchen
• Can be combined with other textile types from this series

Order Bread Baskets Online

Order a charming bread basket online at MilaTonie. Our assortment is filled with the most unique bread baskets that are easy to use. Quality is not to be missed either. Combine them with our lovely textile series and create a complete textile set for your kitchen. After all, who doesn't want to be a kitchen princess?

Order an affordable bread basket online at MilaTonie because we offer our bread baskets at guaranteed lowest prices. Thanks to the low price, you can certainly find a beautiful addition for your dining table and kitchen. Fill your bread basket with delicious rolls and croissants and enjoy a cozy meal with your friends and family. Make your table atmospheric and brighten things up with Clayre & Eef's bread baskets!