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Place mats

Do you have a messy eater at home or simply want to provide some protection for your table? Look no further because at MilaTonie, you've come to the right place! In our placemats category, you'll find a lovely assortment of placemats. So whether you're looking for round, woven, or fabric placemats, we have a great and extensive selection for you!

Choice of Various Models and Styles

We offer you an extensive selection of the most delightful placemats. Our diverse range consists of various shapes, colours, materials, and styles. From traditional rectangular placemats to round placemats, and from vibrant placemats to festive mats. MilaTonie is always at your service!

Round Placemats

But what should I imagine when it comes to these placemats? Our round placemats are made from materials like wicker, jute, seagrass, and straw. With their brown colour, they have a natural and neutral appearance. Easy to match, indeed! And, of course, they come in various sizes. Large and small round placemats are both available.

Fabric Placemats

Our fabric placemats are entirely made of cotton, making them high-quality mats. And to extend their lifespan a bit, you can wash them and keep them easy to clean. So, if you happen to spill a significant stain, that's not a problem, of course!

The sizes are consistent; they're all 48x33 cm. This is a standard size suitable for any table. And these placemats are all offered in sets of 6. Always enough, then!

But how do these placemats actually look? Well, each placemat is unique in its own way. The placemats belong to a textile series with a beautiful pattern. We have placemats covered in various types of floral prints, as well as Christmas and Easter designs. Of course, there are other designs that will undoubtedly match your style. It depends on which one you find the most appealing, naturally.

What's a Placemat For?

A placemat is a versatile table accessory that serves several important functions:

1. Table Protection: Placemats primarily serve to protect the table from stains, scratches, spills, and the heat from hot plates and dishes. They create a barrier between the table surface and the items placed on it.

2. Hygiene: They help maintain hygiene by preventing cutlery or food from coming into direct contact with the table, especially in public places like restaurants.

3. Aesthetics: Placemats add visual interest and style to the dining table. They come in various colours, patterns, and materials and can be selected to match the room's decor or to create a theme or mood for the meal.

4. Noise Reduction: They can also help dampen the sound of plates and cutlery tapping on the table, contributing to a more pleasant dining experience.

5. Learning and Play: For children, placemats with letters, numbers, colours, or other educational themes can also have an educational function.

In summary, placemats are a functional and decorative addition to any dining table. They protect the table surface, enhance hygiene, improve the aesthetics of the table setting, and can contribute to a quieter and more enjoyable dining experience.

Styling Your Dining Table with Clayre & Eef

Setting a dining table is an activity in itself. However, elegant table setting is easily and quickly done with Clayre & Eef's table textiles. As we've mentioned before, Clayre & Eef offers beautiful textile series. And in these series, you'll find not only placemats but also table runners, tablecloths, bread baskets, and napkins. This allows you to create a fully set table in no time, creating a delightful atmosphere.

Matching Dinnerware

To make it even more complete and enjoyable, we also offer a great selection of beautiful dinnerware. We have matching dinnerware that complements the textile series. But we also have separate dinnerware that pairs beautifully with our placemats. This makes dining more stylish and enjoyable!

Combining Placemats

An idea for setting your table: you can also combine the round and fabric placemats. For example, you can layer them to create a unique combination. This adds extra flair and provides optimal protection for your dining table. Enjoy your meals with Clayre & Eef textiles.

Placemats for Christmas and Easter

Of course, we also have placemats for the holidays. With Christmas and Easter, there's always extensive feasting, whether it's breakfast or a dinner. These are the two days of the year when you go all out. With Clayre & Eef's themed textile series, you're sure to get it right. With fun designs like reindeer, holly leaves, and Easter bunnies, you create the ultimate holiday atmosphere. And be sure to check out the matching dinnerware, which completes your dining experience.

Key Features of Clayre & Eef Placemats:

• Made of 100% cotton
• Suitable for machine washing
• Suitable for daily use
• Can be combined with other types of textiles
• Creates a table atmosphere
• Set of 6 pieces

Order Online at MilaTonie

You'll find a comprehensive and delightful assortment of placemats at MilaTonie. Our assortment is filled with a diverse range consisting of various sizes, shapes, colours, materials, and patterns. Available individually, but also in sets of 6. Depending on your choice of placemat, of course. But to sum it up, we're confident that you can find the perfect placemat in our diverse selection. In conclusion, an affordable and charming placemat can be ordered online at MilaTonie!