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Whether you're enjoying a hearty breakfast at the kitchen island or simply relaxing during a cozy evening in the living room, our Clayre & Eef stools add a touch of charm and comfort to any space. Discover the perfect stool to complete your interior now!


Looking to Buy a Stool?

Need another stylish stool for your bar or a higher table? Then Clayre & Eef's stools are the perfect addition to your home. In this category, you'll find a lovely assortment of various types of stools. Available in different colours, sizes, materials, and styles!

Are you furnished in a modern style? Then the velvet stools are the perfect match. Or do you prefer an industrial style? Well, the brown leather stools are a must-have. There's something for every style, and there are even stools suitable for outdoor use. Enjoy comfortable seating in the garden while soaking up the sunshine.

Stools in Different colours

There must be a choice of various colours, of course. And that's definitely possible! A wide range of different coloured stools is offered here. If you have a great love for industrial design, go for the brown and black stools. Or is your heart more inclined towards modern design? In that case, the pink, blue, and yellow stools are highly suitable. Or do you enjoy mixing your interior? There are also choices like gray, orange, red, white, and multi-coloured stools. So, there's plenty of options for creating the most delightful home decor!

Different Heights

For both shorter and taller individuals, there are stools available in different heights. The lower stools fit perfectly in the living room and can even be used as side tables. A dual-purpose, now that's convenient!

The taller stools are suitable for bars or a kitchen island. This way, you can sit comfortably and stylishly at the right height. Whether you're looking for high or low stools, you've come to the right place at MilaTonie!

Stools in Different Styles

Is your home decorated in a particular style? Then you'll definitely find a suitable stool here. The stools are available in different styles. Furnished in a rustic style? Go for the wooden white stools. Or perhaps you prefer an industrial style? Then the brown leather stools are an absolute must. No matter what your home style is, at MilaTonie, you'll always find the right stool to match your style.

Stools: Small but Mighty

Don't be fooled by their size; our stools are super handy and can be used in many ways. They're perfect as extra seating, footrests, or even as side tables. Moreover, they can be easily moved, allowing you to use them wherever you need them.

Add Atmosphere with Our Stools

In addition to their practical side, our stools are also great for setting the mood. With their different styles and materials, they can add a unique touch to any room. Choose a wooden stool for a natural look or go for a metal stool for an industrial vibe.

Quality You Can Feel

At Milatonie, we believe in quality. That's why all our stools are made of the finest materials. They are strong, durable, and designed to last a long time. So, you can be sure you're bringing a good product into your home.

How to Choose the Perfect Stool? 

Choosing the perfect stool can depend on various factors. Here are some points to consider:

1. Style and Design: Look at your interior style and choose a stool that matches it. Whether you prefer a modern, rustic, industrial, or minimalist style, make sure the stool complements it. The design, colour, and material of the stool can have a significant impact on how well it fits into your interior.

2. Size and Height: The size and height of the stool are important, especially if you plan to use it as seating at a table or bar. Measure the height of the table or bar and ensure the stool has a suitable height for comfortable seating.

3. Functionality: Think about how you want to use the stool. Will you mainly use it as extra seating, a footrest, or a side table? Some stools also offer storage, which can be useful if you need extra storage space.

4. Comfort: While stools may not be as comfortable as chairs, comfort is still important, especially if you plan to sit on them for extended periods. Stools with padded seats or ergonomic designs may be more comfortable.

5. Material: The material of the stool can affect its durability and ease of maintenance. For example, wooden stools can provide a warm, natural look, while metal stools often have a more industrial appearance and are very durable.

6. Budget: Finally, set your budget and try to stick to it. Stools are available in different price ranges, so there's certainly something that fits your budget.

By considering all these factors, you can choose the perfect stool that meets your needs and style.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Stool?

Browse our collection and discover the stool that suits you best. Order now from Milatonie and enjoy our fast delivery. Add some extra atmosphere and functionality to your home with our beautiful stools!