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Religious figurines

Ecclesiastical and religious images are increasingly being integrated into interiors and used as standard decorative pieces in and around homes. Creating a space in the house where you can find peace, a place to pray, or simply as atmospheric decoration. Religious images fit into almost any home and are certainly not "only" suitable for holidays.

Our Range of Religious Figures

At MilaTonie, we offer a diverse range of religious figures, featuring carefully crafted figures and symbols that reflect various spiritual traditions. Whether you're looking for Catholic saint statues, angels, Christ, or Buddha images, our selection has something for everyone. Each figure exudes high-quality craftsmanship and excellence, making it a perfect addition to your spiritual space. Our mission is to enrich your spiritual journey and create an atmosphere of serenity in your surroundings.

Nativity Scene

The Nativity scene is a religious tableau that might seem a bit out of place as decoration in the middle of summer, but let's be honest, the Nativity scene is a classic and is certainly a part of the holiday season. During that time of year, the Nativity scene finds its place under many Christmas trees, complete with figures of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, among others. In many Nativity scenes, you're expected to purchase all the figurines separately and then arrange them in the stable yourself. While this can be enjoyable, it's not always the most convenient. You might find yourself struggling to set up the stable, accidentally knocking over the figures. At MilaTonie, we believed there had to be a more convenient way. That's why we offer various Nativity scene figurines where all the biblical characters are attached, allowing you to set up the scene quickly and spend more time on other Christmas decorations.

Virgin Mary Statues

Mary plays a significant role in religion. She is central to multiple Biblical stories, and for Catholics, she is the most important saint. Mary statues can be seen in various places, not only in churches and chapels but also on the streets and as decoration on buildings. Do you want to add a beautiful Mary statue to your home as decoration? You can do so easily with the various Mary statues available at MilaTonie. Quickly find the Mary statue you find most beautiful and would like to display in your home.


Buddha is a religious symbol in Buddhism, representing happiness, good health, love, and protection. Unwritten rules suggest that you should never place a Buddha statue in locations lower than your feet, as it is considered a sign of disrespect and can bring bad luck. Good places to put a Buddha statue would be any areas facing the door so that the Buddha's face can point towards it. Whether you believe in it or not, Buddha statues are simply delightful and beautiful additions to your home, radiating calm and peace. Therefore, create a serene meditation spot in your home by purchasing one of our Buddha statues and using it as decoration.


Everyone needs a guardian angel at some point. Angel figurines can be used as decorations in various ways. You can use these figurines as table decorations during the holidays or display them as decorations throughout the year. For instance, place the angels on your bedside table with a candle or a jewelry holder nearby, or position the figurines in a bookshelf. At MilaTonie, we offer several angel figurines that can be used as beautiful and atmospheric decorations year-round. And if we're being honest, angel figurines also make wonderful gifts! It's as if you're giving someone a guardian angel, and as mentioned earlier, we all could use one from time to time!

Buying Religious Figures at MilaTonie

At MilaTonie, you'll find a diverse collection of high-quality religious figures, ranging from saints and angels to Christ and Buddha. Our figures are made with care and craftsmanship, making them perfect for enhancing your spiritual space. We offer reliable service and fast delivery, and our customers appreciate the quality of our products and dedicated customer service. Enrich your spiritual journey and interior with beautiful religious figures from MilaTonie. Explore our collection today on our website.