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Snow globes

A whole new world in a globe, one where you can make it snow whenever you want. Enchanting, romantic, wintry, and simply beautiful! Snow globes are for young and old alike. Children can play with them, marvel at them, and enjoy them time and time again. Adults give them a special place in their homes, lovely to look at and quite unique to shake and watch the snowfall. Explore our wide range of snow globes to discover the fantasy worlds we've hidden inside glass spheres.

Snow Globe Made of Glass

A glass snow globe is not only a charming decoration for the holidays but also a timeless collectible that captures the magic of winter in a small glass world. Our glass snow globes are handcrafted and filled with miniature scenes that sparkle when shaken. These beautiful decorative pieces add a touch of enchantment to any interior and make perfect gifts for loved ones or to adorn your own holiday decor.

Explore our extensive collection of glass snow globes and be enchanted by the various designs and themes. Whether you're looking for a classic Christmas scene or a fairytale winter landscape, you'll find the perfect snow globe to make your holiday season extra special. Our snow globes are made of high-quality glass and are carefully designed to provide years of enjoyment. Add a touch of magic to your home with a beautiful glass snow globe that forever captures the beauty of winter.

Handle with Care, It Might Fall!

Snow globes are glass globes, and as the name suggests, they are fragile. If it falls, it's likely to break... And even though we expect that everyone knows this, we still want to caution you. Handle with care, because it might fall...

Not Just for Christmas

Many people think that snow globes are only for Christmas, but that's not necessarily the case. Our snow globes contain not only small Christmas scenes but also many other little stories enclosed in these glass globes. Specifically designed to ensure that these beautiful globes can find a perfect spot in your home during the winter season. For true Christmas enthusiasts, we also have the classics: snow globes with Santa Claus and Santas with a snow globe. Either way, every snow globe contains snow to ensure that wintry weather is always present in these beautiful globes.

How Does a Snow Globe Work?

A snow globe, often considered an iconic piece of winter decor, works in a simple yet enchanting way. The heart of a snow globe is a glass sphere filled with water and a small amount of glycerin, which serves to let the snowflakes float slowly. Inside the globe is a miniature scene, often with a Christmas or winter theme, and some sparkling particles. When you shake the snow globe, the particles are set in motion, and it appears as if it's snowing inside. The secret of the snow globe lies in creating a surreal world within a glass sphere, adding a touch of magic and wonder to your holiday season.

Although the principle of a snow globe is simple, the details and designs you can find are often stunning and diverse. Some snow globes have rotating bases, allowing you to spin the scene while the snowflakes swirl, while others feature lighting effects for extra sparkle. Snow globes make a great gift for young and old, and they bring a sense of wonder and nostalgia. Whether you want to give a snow globe as a gift or just learn more about it, its simple and magical operation makes it a timeless favorite during the holidays.

Especially for Children

Children absolutely love snow globes, and especially for them, we have ones with cute animals inside. A little bear or a piglet, with a hat or a crown, all to make the snow globes extra adorable for children.


Who doesn't know them, DIY videos? Videos that show you how to make certain things yourself. Very fun, of course, to get a creative lesson, but always a bit less fun when the result didn't turn out as well as the example. We recognize that, have also tried to make snow globes ourselves at home, and realized that we weren't so good at it. So, rest assured, if your DIY project didn't go as hoped, you can always come to us for a ready-made one!

Great as Gifts

During the holidays, it's customary to buy gifts for friends and family. Sometimes this is very easy, and you get a whole wish list, and sometimes it's a bit more difficult, and you spend days looking for the perfect gift. Snow globes are perfect as gifts! You can give them to young and old, to men and women, everyone knows how to appreciate a snow globe. It's only up to you to find the right snow globe for the right person, so that the snow globe really suits that person and brings all the joy that these glass globes bring with them.

Buy an Affordable Snow Globe at MilaTonie

Looking for affordable, high-quality snow globes? Look no further than MilaTonie! At MilaTonie, we understand that finding beautiful decorative items doesn't have to come with high price tags. Our extensive selection of cheap snow globes offers an affordable option to add a touch of magic to your holiday season. While our snow globes are budget-friendly, we never compromise on craftsmanship and aesthetics. You'll be amazed by the attention to detail and the diversity of designs we offer, all without breaking your budget.

At MilaTonie, we believe that everyone deserves the joy of a snow globe, regardless of their budget. Our cheap snow globes are perfect for decorating your home, giving gifts to loved ones, or even starting a collection. Browse our range to find the snow globe that suits your style and preference. With MilaTonie, buying an affordable snow globe is a simple and enjoyable experience. Enrich your holiday experience without breaking the bank by ordering an affordable snow globe from us today.