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Looking for interior inspiration and tips to make your home cozier? We offer a wide range of interior styles, including rustic, modern, romantic, vintage, classic, industrial, shabby chic, botanical, bohemian, and baroque, to help you transform your home's decor to your own taste and make it feel like home. Whether you're moving, restyling your current residence, or simply need some fresh ideas, here you'll find suggestions and inspiration for a welcoming and comfortable living environment.

which style suits you best?

It's essential to consider your personal taste when choosing an interior style. Think about the atmosphere you want to create in your home, whether you prefer warm, natural colours or bright and cool tones, and whether you lean towards clean, modern lines or a playful, creative ambiance. Our inspiring blogs provide insights into various interior styles to help you discover which one suits you best, and we have neatly presented all the styles to assist you in your choice.

A purple couch in a dramatic style with cushions and throws featuring beautiful floral patterns
A dramatically set table filled with fruits and vegetables and a black étagère with black and gold candelabras
An antique purple sofa with three dramatic decorative cushions against a dark background and a silver side table adorned with three gold candelabras and two glass vases

Enter the dramatic world of the baroque interior

The Baroque interior is a lush and dramatic style that originated in the 17th century and is still beloved by interior designers. With deep, intense colours, luxurious fabrics, abundant ornaments, symmetry, contrast, and striking lighting, this style exudes a royal allure. Striking furniture, chandeliers, and intricate decorations contribute to the grandeur of this timeless aesthetic, turning the interior into a visual spectacle.

Two Buddha figurines with a large, colorful tray and a candle holder, alongside a green vase filled with dried flowers and two red glass tealight holders
A tray filled with glass tea light holders in bohemian colors
A beige interior style with an African touch and plenty of rattan

The creativity and spirituality of the bohemian interior style

The Bohemian style, often referred to as 'boho,' celebrates creativity and freedom in an eclectic mix of cultural influences. Originating from the lifestyles of 19th and 20th-century artists and travelers, this style embodies a profound appreciation for craftsmanship, nature, and spirituality. It encourages individuality and creativity through unconventional colour and material combinations, exotic textiles, artworks, and accessories from various cultures. Sustainability and a spiritual life philosophy are essential aspects, with space for meditation corners, greenery, and inspiration. In essence, the boho style creates a personal, creative space that promotes self-expression and well-being.

A red room with two giraffe figurines and a green chair featuring a botanical decorative cushion
A botanic interior style with plants and wood
A yellow armchair with a decorative cushion featuring a jungle motif and a golden side table with a green Tiffany banker's lamp

botanic interiors bring natural serenity to your home

In botanic interiors, the vitality and harmony of nature come together in a lush, green oasis. Plants take the spotlight, from lush tropical leaves to airy ferns and blooming flowers, creating a vibrant, healthy environment. Natural materials and earthy colours add warmth and a sense of connection to the earth, while artworks, cushions, and decorative items with botanical motifs add a playful touch. This flexible style adapts to your personal taste, providing a visually appealing and relaxing space in your home.

An antique scale with two vintage flower pots and a blue vase with dried flower twigs
A shabby chic interior style with weathered candleholders, a bust of a girl, and two decorative pouring jugs with dried flowers
A brocante chest of drawers with artificial plants, a white candlestick with purple dinner candles, and two large glass vases with a dried flower bouquet

experience the timeless romance of the brocante interior style

The brocante interior style, inspired by antique and vintage objects, embraces a weathered appearance and a touch of history. Natural materials, pastel colours, and soft tones, along with floral prints, stripes, and checks, characterize this style. Old furniture, accessories, and decorations with a distressed look are often used, but new items with a vintage look are also popular. Think of cabinets, chairs, mirrors, lamps, and accessories that evoke the nostalgic atmosphere of a flea market, and combine them with old suitcases, clocks, photo frames, and more for a timeless brocante ambiance in your home.

Two anthracite pouring jugs with black candle holders and a metal motor
A cabinet filled with decorative items, including a black floor lamp, a leather decorative ball, gray flower pots, black candle holders, black figurines, and black tea light holders
An industrial kitchen with two leather stools, glass tea cups, a large industrial floor lamp, and a shelving unit with cushions, tableware, figurines, and tea light holders

the robust power of the industrial style

The industrial interior style, inspired by the industrial architecture of the 19th and 20th centuries, embraces robust materials and unfinished surfaces for a tough, raw look. Metal, concrete, brick, and weathered wood dominate the palette, while furniture and accessories have a minimalist and functional design. Neutral colours like gray, black, white, and brown are often combined with striking accent colours. Open spaces and high ceilings emphasize spaciousness, while unfinished surfaces such as concrete floors and brick walls enhance the industrial atmosphere. Accessories are inspired by industrial elements, with vintage factory lamps, metal cabinets, old wooden pallets, and industrial machinery as distinctive decorative accents.

Glass tea light holders, a glass antique storage jar, and two silver bottles
Glass bottles filled with beverages and brown tea light holders
A large illuminated chandelier

the timeless elegance of the classic interior style

A classical interior is characterized by timeless elegance and symmetry, featuring high-quality materials such as marble, crystal, and wood. The colours are subdued, often cream, beige, and gold, with luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk dominating. Heavy, detailed furniture and decorative elements like chandeliers and paintings add richness. Harmony and balance are essential, with symmetrically placed furniture, refined flooring, and distinctive details like gilded mirrors, candelabras, and handmade carpets. Together, these elements create a stylish and refined atmosphere that defines the classical interior.

A weathered brick wall with a wooden bench adorned with a sheepskin, wooden tray, two anthracite flower pots, and two gray concrete candleholders, along with two wicker baskets with an olive tree
A table set in a rustic style with a newspaper and reading glasses, featuring rustic dinner and breakfast plates and a white mug
A mint green storage cabinet with two photo frames and a tea light holder, and a photo frame on the wall, alongside a white iron vase with pink artificial flowers

natural beauty in your home with the rustic interior style

A rustic interior style offers warmth and invitation by blending the best of the countryside with modern comforts. It's about more than just aesthetics; it represents comfort, functionality, and a deep respect for nature. Handcrafted furniture, handmade accessories, and natural patterns and textures result in a welcoming atmosphere, while tranquil colours and natural elements make both large and small spaces feel more spacious. Furthermore, this style pairs well with other styles, and its focus on sustainability with natural and recycled materials contributes to a lower ecological footprint. In short, the rustic interior style is a lifestyle centered around embracing comfort and creating a cozy, relaxed atmosphere where you can unwind.

A gold side table with a gold candleholder, a white flower pot with a face, and a modern tropical table lamp with a black lampshade; in the foreground, there's a modern flower pot with a minimalist face
A marble coffee table with two dark blue flower pots featuring Easter Island heads, two beige vases, and a tulip vase filled with purple tulips
A gold side table with a glass top, featuring a gold cobra table lamp, a metal tealight holder, and a glass tea light holder, with a beige curtain in the background

stylish minimalism in modern decor

Modern decor embraces simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. With clean lines, neutral colours, and functional furniture and accessories, it creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere where comfort and usability take center stage. Light colours like white, gray, and beige contribute to a sense of spaciousness and tranquility, while materials such as glass, metal, and plastic offer a sleek and modern appearance. Furniture is practical and minimalist, complemented by modern lighting, cushions, and artwork to complete the space. This style is also ideal for decorating small spaces, where the minimalist design and emphasis on functionality maximize the use of space without overcrowding.

A romantic setting with pink and green vases, two gold candleholders, and vintage teacups and saucers
A romantic garden with two lavender flower pots and an iron romantic plant holder
A beige wall with beige curtains and a side table adorned with a gold wall mirror, a white table lamp, a white washbasin pitcher, a flower pot with a floral motif, and a decorative sphere

infuse romance into your interior

A romantic interior welcomes you into a world of warmth and invitation, where soft pastel tones, rounded shapes, and loving details create an oasis of serenity and harmony. This interior not only offers aesthetic delight but also functional comfort, with soothing colours ideal for relaxation after a busy day. The abundance of personal details, such as photo frames, cushions, and candles, adds a unique personal touch to your space. A romantic interior, blending old and new elements, offers a timeless and classic look, perfect for those who cherish comfort and coziness. Discover the beauty of romantic interiors and transform your home into a romantic sanctuary where you can relax and savor life.

A silver side table with an antique brown world globe, a gray glass pouring jug, and drinking glass, along with a glass vase filled with artificial branches and a beige vase
Three stacked antique trunks with two world globes on top
Wooden lantern with antique figurines and bottles

give your interior a second life with the vintage style

Discover the magic of a vintage interior, where timeless elegance and unique charm come together to infuse your home with character and enchantment. The vintage style celebrates the past and the present, where furniture and accessories tell stories. Be inspired by the warm and distinctive atmosphere that emerges when nostalgia and personality unite. Vintage style embraces items from the 1920s to the 1980s in response to modern and minimalist trends. It pays homage to craftsmanship, quality, and aesthetics, driven by economic changes, environmental consciousness, and a desire for authenticity. Vintage style revalues old items, breathes new life into them, and provides an affordable opportunity for a stylish and unique interior. Shop for characterful items at thrift stores, flea markets, and antique shops to create a personal atmosphere that reflects your taste and style.

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what interior styles are there?

When you're decorating your home, there are various interior styles to choose from. Popular options include the Scandinavian style, known for its simplicity and neutrality, the industrial style with its raw materials, the rustic style that exudes warmth and comfort, the modern style that embraces minimalism and clean lines, the bohemian style full of colour and eclecticism, the classic style that embodies timeless elegance, and the minimalist style that focuses on simplicity and minimal visual clutter. Your choice depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle, creating a space that truly suits you.

Selecting the right interior style is crucial for creating a home where you feel comfortable. Whether you opt for the warm charm of rustic, the modern simplicity of Scandinavian, or another style that suits you, each style offers a unique atmosphere and look for your interior. It's a personal decision that reflects the essence of your home and personality.

what are interior styles?

Interior styles refer to the various design approaches used to decorate and furnish indoor spaces. There are numerous interior styles, each with its own unique features and aesthetics. Popular interior styles include the Scandinavian style, which emphasizes minimalism and neutrality, the industrial style with its raw materials and rugged appearance, the rustic style that exudes warmth and cosiness, the modern style that combines clean lines and simplicity, the bohemian style full of colour and eclecticism, and the classic style that embodies timeless elegance. Selecting an interior style is crucial in creating a personal, inviting living space that matches your taste and lifestyle.

It's important to choose the right interior style as it sets the tone for the atmosphere in your home. Each style offers unique decorative elements and colour schemes that create a specific ambiance. Whether you choose the refinement of the classic, the sleek simplicity of modern, or another style that suits you, it's a personal decision that breathes life into your interior and transforms your home into a place that reflects your personality.

what are the home trends of 2023?

In 2023, we see some notable home trends shaping the interior world. Sustainability is at the forefront, with homeowners and designers increasingly focusing on eco-conscious choices and sustainable materials. This translates into the resurgence of vintage and recycled decorative elements. Old furniture and accessories are given new life, adding character and history to modern interiors.

Another prominent trend is the use of neutral colours, such as beige, white, and black, to create a sense of calm and timeless elegance. These colours provide the perfect backdrop for diverse decor and offer versatility in customizing the look of each space. Moreover, 2023 embraces organic shapes, giving furniture and decorative elements a softer and more natural aesthetic. The harmony between organic shapes and neutral colours reflects a desire for balance and simplicity in the home. If you want to refresh your interior according to the latest style trends, consider sustainable choices, neutral tones, and a touch of vintage charm to create a timeless and environmentally conscious design. These trends provide inspiration for creating an interior that is both aesthetically appealing and planet-friendly.