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This is how you create a vintage interior!

A cabinet, a clock, a tray, photo frames, a vase, and a wicker basket.
A globe and a flowerpot.

Creating a vintage interior is like composing a symphony of styles and eras. It's all about harmoniously blending elements from the past and the present to craft a timeless and distinctive ambiance that can withstand the test of time. In this creative design style, the charm of old furniture pieces, antique treasures, and nostalgic accessories comes to life, each with its own story and history to share. It's akin to composing a narrative with objects, where each choice becomes a significant part of the immersive storyline of your interior.

A cabinet, candleholders, a tray, a vase, a rug, and a clock.

What kind of furniture should I choose for a vintage interior?

Creating a vintage interior is like composing a symphony of styles and eras. The key to success lies in harmoniously combining furniture and accessories from different times and aesthetic movements. This effortless blend of elements creates an eclectic and captivating look that embraces the rich, nostalgic aesthetics of vintage. It's an invitation to be creative, to push boundaries, and to experiment with various design elements.

However, amid these bold combinations, it's essential to maintain a unifying element. This could be a shared color, a consistent texture, or even a theme that runs throughout the space. This anchors the diversity of styles and creates a cohesive look that tells a story. It's like bringing together different instruments in an orchestra, each with its unique sound, but together creating beautiful music.

A cautious warning is to avoid excessive use of patterns and prints. While a touch of pattern can add visual interest, an abundance of it can make the interior too chaotic. Therefore, it's crucial to find a balance and choose where and how patterns are integrated to enrich the space without overwhelming it.

All in all, creating a vintage interior is a masterpiece of balance and expression, where the convergence of diverse elements results in a unique, personal, and timeless space that reflects the soul of the inhabitant. It's an adventurous journey through history and style, with a beautiful end result that is both aesthetically satisfying and functionally inspiring.

A globe and vases.
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What kind of accessories can I use for a vintage interior?

Adding vintage accessories to your interior is like applying the final brushstrokes to a masterpiece. It's these seemingly small details that have a large-scale impact on creating an authentic vintage interior. These accessories serve as time machines, transporting you back to bygone eras, and they infuse a touch of character and history into every corner of the space.

When choosing these vintage accessories, it's important to strike a subtle balance. While it's tempting to overload the space with these beautiful pieces, exercise caution against excessive use. An abundance of accessories can clutter the space and detract from the vintage aesthetic you aim to achieve. Instead, it's advisable to select a few statement items that capture attention and combine them with smaller, more understated accessories.

Consider mirrors with weathered frames that add a touch of past glamour, photo frames displaying black-and-white snapshots from days gone by, elegant vases that serve as mementos of long-forgotten times, ornate candleholders that create a romantic ambiance, and artworks that reflect the artistic expression of their era. Each of these pieces has a story to tell and contributes to the unique ambiance of your vintage interior.

So, as you decorate your space, remember that the power of vintage accessories lies in their subtlety. They are like the finishing touches that bring the space to life, creating an unforgettable, nostalgic atmosphere that is both stylish and refined.

A cabinet with a photo frame and a table lamp, a rug, a chair, and wall decoration.

What kind of lighting should I choose for a vintage interior?

Selecting vintage lighting fixtures is akin to igniting the soul of your vintage interior. These fixtures, ranging from elegant chandeliers to charming pendant lights, table lamps, and majestic floor lamps, have the power to infuse ambiance and warmth into any space. Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a cozy and inviting vintage atmosphere, often serving as the secret ingredient that transforms a room from ordinary to extraordinary.

Vintage lighting fixtures not only provide illumination but also double as artistic focal points that draw attention and enhance the allure of the space. Choosing such fixtures adds timeless elegance to your interior and contributes to the nostalgic aesthetic that characterizes vintage style.

To make the most of your vintage lighting, consider installing dimmer switches. This gives you the flexibility to adjust the lighting to various moods and occasions. Whether you want to create an intimate evening with soft, dimmed light or need bright illumination for functional tasks, dimmers offer the versatility to tailor the lighting precisely to your needs.

Another approach is to mix and match different types of lighting. By experimenting with various lighting sources, such as ceiling fixtures, table lamps, and floor lamps, you can not only illuminate the space functionally but also create visual interest. This layered lighting design adds depth to your interior and highlights specific areas or decorative elements.

An old radio, a clock, a tray with teacups and saucers, a mirror, and a jewelry box.

Color usage in a vintage interior

What colors should I use for a vintage interior?

Choosing the right color palette is like painting a vintage masterpiece in your interior. It's an essential element to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that seamlessly aligns with the vintage style. The color palette you select has the power to set the tone for the entire space and significantly influences the aesthetics and feel of the environment.

In the world of vintage interior design, it's often best to opt for a color palette that includes both warm and neutral tones. This combination of colors evokes a sense of comfort and nostalgia, ensuring that the space feels welcoming to anyone who enters. Colors like soft beige, cream, delicate pink, sunny ochre, and tranquil pastel green are excellent choices for embracing that vintage coziness.

To add some depth and contrast to the color palette, you may consider introducing an accent color. Dark blue or burgundy are great options, as they can bring a touch of elegance and drama without compromising the overall vintage look. These accent colors can be integrated through cushions, decorative elements, or even a single eye-catching wall.

Exploring and experimenting with different color combinations is a crucial part of the process. Every space is unique, and what works well in one room may have a different effect in another. Therefore, it's a good idea to test color swatches and observe how they interact with the light and architecture of your specific space before making a final decision.

A cabinet with a bookshelf and photo frames.

Material usage in a vintage interior

What materials should I use for a vintage interior?

Adding layers and textures to your interior with vintage fabrics is like crafting a captivating story with tangible elements. Vintage fabrics, such as velvet, brocade, lace, and linen, not only bring a sense of history and character but also play a crucial role in transforming your space into an inviting and visually rich environment.

These fabrics can be integrated into your interior in various ways. For example, cushions with velvet upholstery add a touch of luxury and comfort to seating, while curtains with a brocade pattern bring a hint of elegance and grandeur. Soft linen blankets can be draped over a sofa or armchair to create an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. And when it comes to furniture upholstery, these vintage fabrics can envelop seating with rich texture and a touch of history.

The secret to effectively using vintage fabrics lies in playing with different textures. Combine smooth velvet with the natural warmth of wool, and add in the rugged beauty of wood and rattan. This creates a layered and rich look that stimulates the senses and imparts a sense of depth. It's like composing a symphony of textures, where each element plays a unique role in crafting a harmonious and immersive environment.

Furthermore, vintage fabrics offer you the opportunity to put your personal stamp on your interior. You can play with patterns, colors, and textures to create a unique and eclectic vintage style that perfectly suits your taste.

Restoration and reuse

Give old furniture a new lease of life by restoring, reupholstering, or repainting them. This is not only environmentally friendly but also helps create unique and characterful pieces that distinguish your interior. Invest in quality furniture worth restoring. Consider hiring a professional if you are unsure of your restoration skills. Remember that some items are better off retaining their authentic look, such as antique furniture.

Be patient

Creating a vintage interior takes time. Slowly gather pieces that you truly love and that align with your style. It's about allowing the interior to grow organically and evolve as you discover new treasures. Don't expect to find vintage gems on the first day of your search. It may take a while to come across the right pieces that fit your style and budget. Enjoy the process and don't be afraid to pass on items if they don't quite feel right.


Get inspired by vintage interior designs in magazines, blogs, TV shows, and social media. Create a mood board to capture your vision and ideas for your vintage interior. This will help you stay focused on the style you want to achieve and guide you in searching for furniture and accessories. Remember that inspiration can also come from outside the vintage interior world. Look to other art forms such as music, literature, and art to inspire you in creating a unique and personal vintage style.

By following these tips and embracing your own taste and creativity, you'll create a beautiful vintage interior that reflects your personality and offers a timeless, warm, and inviting atmosphere. Take the time to curate your interior with care and attention, and enjoy the process of discovering and integrating unique vintage pieces that transform your living space.

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