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  • Bring the holiday atmosphere into your home with the right home accessories
    Published : 04/24/2023 | Categories : Summer

    Do you love holidays, but can't always get away? Then we have good news for you! In this blog, we show you how to create a holiday atmosphere in your home with the right home accessories. Colours, textiles, accessories, plants, and scents are the keywords to bring the holiday feeling into your home. Discover how to create a summer atmosphere with these elements and enjoy a wonderful holiday feeling in your own home. Even if you're not on vacation, you can still bring the necessary relaxation and peace into your home with these tips. Keep reading and get inspired!

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  • Get your garden summer-ready with planters
    Published : 04/24/2023 | Categories : Summer

    Summer is coming, which means it's time to get your garden summer-ready! An easy way to do this is by adding planters. Planters not only add colour and life to your garden, but also offer flexibility in changing up the garden decor and protection for your plants. In this blog post, we'll give tips on how to use planters to make your garden more visually appealing. Read on for useful tips on choosing the right size and colour of planters and how to strategically place them to attract attention. Also, discover why regularly moving planters is good for your plant growth.

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  • The benefits of using storage jars
    Published : 04/20/2023 | Categories : Crockery

    Storage jars are not only convenient for storing food and ingredients, but can also be a beautiful addition to your kitchen decor. In this blog, we will discuss why they are so handy and how you can use them to enhance the look of your kitchen.

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  • Organize a BBQ in your garden with these tips
    Published : 04/18/2023 | Categories : Summer

    It's summer! A BBQ in the garden is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather and of course, the delicious food. But in addition to the delicious food, table decoration is also an important part for a successful evening.

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  • At its easter best
    Published : 02/07/2023 | Categories : Spring

    With spring on the horizon, it is high time to not only give our home a spring cleaning but also to make it cozy again with Easter decorations.

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  • A good base for spring
    Published : 12/28/2022 | Categories : Spring

    Every year, as soon as we feel the spring sun on our faces and can put away our thick scarves and mittens, we get energy for ten. We want to go outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, work in the garden to prepare for summer, and start a thorough spring cleaning immediately. If we want to make our home fresh and cozy to spend the upcoming Easter days with family, we can put this drive to good use.

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  • Christmas tree out… now what?
    Published : 12/27/2022 | Categories : Spring

    Traditionally, it's time to clean up the Christmas tree with all its decorations around Epiphany. Not everyone adheres to this unwritten rule, and for many Christmas enthusiasts, January 6 is far from the time to start cleaning up all those lights and decorations. On the other hand, it's wise to make a plan to fill the void of all those decorations, Christmas greenery, and glitter in the house.

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  • Trend of the moment: Dried flowers
    Published : 12/16/2022 | Categories : Interior styles

    We all know how it goes. You are surprised with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but after a little over a week, the beauty has faded, and you'd rather say goodbye to them. Then you're left with an empty space where the vase used to stand. You won't have this problem if you choose dried flowers!

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