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  • Trend of the moment: Dried flowers
    Published : 12/16/2022 | Categories : Interior styles

    We all actually know how it goes. You are surprised with a beautiful bunch of flowers, but after more than a week the beauty is already gone and you prefer to say goodbye to it again and then you are fed up with the empty space that is now located where the well-filled vase used to be. This will not happen to you if you choose dried flowers!

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  • Everything on Shabby Chic
    Published : 04/09/2022 | Categories : Interior styles

    You’ve probably heard the term Shabby Chic in the interior design world more often. Shabby Chic is a combination of French baroque, rustic, and glamour styles all in one. It brings new life to old items and vice versa. The shabby chic style has a lot of similarities to bohemian styles and French country. In this blog, we’re going to talk about what makes shabby chic, not so shabby. How to achieve this in your home with the right furniture and accessories and give you 8 tips on how to bring this aesthetic into your home.

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