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  • The benefits of using storage jars
    Published : 04/20/2023 | Categories : Crockery

    Storage jars are not only convenient for storing food and ingredients, but can also be a beautiful addition to your kitchen decor. In this blog, we will discuss why they are so handy and how you can use them to enhance the look of your kitchen.

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  • Everything you need to know about the high tea!
    Published : 04/08/2022 | Categories : Crockery

    The high tea has become incredibly popular in recent years. From an old-fashioned British scene, the high tea has outgrown its dusty image and is now better known as a luxurious lunch option or a lovely girls' afternoon. But how much do you already know about the high tea? The history, the snacks, the drinks, and how to serve it. We will tell you all about it in this blog and give you our ultimate tea recommendation!

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