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  • Christmas Tree Gone? Fill the Empty Space with These 6 Tips!
    Published : 01/02/2024 | Categories : Christmas , Interior styles

    The end of the holiday season often leaves an empty space in the home where the Christmas tree once stood. Here are six creative ideas to give that space a new lease on life, with direct links to MilaTonie's products.

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  • The ultimate guide to an enchanting Christmas!
    Published : 08/04/2023 | Categories : Christmas

    Step into the enchanting world of Christmas! Feel the magic of the shorter days and dropping temperatures, as coziness spreads everywhere. At Milatonie, we want to make your Christmas extra special this year. Our online store is ready to welcome you with the most inspiring Christmas decorations. From breathtaking artificial Christmas trees to dazzling Christmas ornaments and beautiful decorations to unique figurines, we have everything to transform your home into a splendid winter wonderland! So, read on for more inspiration!

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  • A happy New Year!
    Published : 12/12/2022 | Categories : Christmas

    Each year ends with celebrating New Year's Eve and New Year at midnight. We often do this with friends or family. We also reflect on the past year and make plans with resolutions for the new year.

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  • Christmas is not complete without gifts
    Published : 11/16/2022 | Categories : Christmas

    A beautifully decorated Christmas tree is nowadays incomplete without a beautiful pile of gifts underneath that are all wrapped with care and attention. But why do we exchange gifts during this time of year?

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  • The Magic of the Nutcracker
    Published : 11/10/2022 | Categories : Christmas

    It's a trend on its own. Everywhere you see Christmas decorations with all its lights and glitter, nutcrackers are an indispensable part. They come in all imaginable sizes and colours. But where does this nutcracker actually come from?

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  • A noticeable Christmas table!
    Published : 10/26/2022 | Categories : Christmas

    Of course, we celebrate Christmas in the presence of friends and family with the Christmas spirit in mind. But secretly, we all know that the main activities during the holidays all have to do with delicious food and drinks. Whether you're thinking of the Christmas breakfast, Christmas drinks, or Christmas dinner, we prefer to spend these activities at a fantastically decorated table.

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  • Get your home ready for Christmas!
    Published : 09/07/2022 | Categories : Christmas

    Christmas fever... don't we all have it a little bit? Time to make decoration plans for this year! We all have our standard boxes of Christmas decorations stored in the attic, which we take out every year to work with the same Christmas decorations again. It's time for a fresh look at the upcoming Christmas! So, put on some Christmas music and grab a nice cup of tea or coffee, because we'll show you that you don't always have to choose a standard Christmas tree for the holidays. There are plenty of fun and creative alternatives to be found.

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