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a good base for spring

a new beginning

At the start of the new season, in addition to thoroughly tidying up the house, critically examining existing flower pots, furniture and cushions, for example, is a good start for a new balance. Choose a fresh new beginning with a series of new elements that immediately give the whole thing a new look. This way you can create your own spring feeling in every room in your home. Choose a new armchair, beautiful decorative cushions, matching plaids and fresh kitchen textiles. Flower pots are an important part for the first spring bloomers and choose a beautiful vase for a beautiful spring bouquet. We complete this atmosphere with blooming spring bulbs in pots or a vase with fresh tulips.

fresh wind

By unashamedly tidying up our home and giving it a new look, we not only create peace in our home, but also in our heads. We shake off old ballast and literally and figuratively get more space. We let a breath of fresh air blow through our house and with that new energy.

In short, this clean-up mania has only advantages. It brings light, air and space into the home and that is an excellent basis for spring. With the addition of soft pastel colours in a number of home accessories, we reinforce that fresh spring feeling. Let the spring come!

it's in the air

and it tingles on my skin

it tickles my nose

it sneaks into my house

the crocuses burst open

the hyacinths in a row

snowdrops tender and white

they make me happy

winter is gone

the sun winks at the moon

nature comes back to life

spring is coming

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