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at its easter best

Start the day, tap an egg

During the Easter days, an extensive Easter breakfast should not be missed. Whether it's with the whole family or nice and intimate with your own family, a beautifully laid table is an absolute plus! With a more than complete Easter textile, you lay a nice foundation, which you can complete with matching crockery and drinking glasses. Egg cups have also been thought of! Discover items that complete the Easter table, such as bowls and glass storage jars.

egg holders

Were all Easter eggs found? An egg holder is a nice place to keep them. Do you choose a closed wooden variant? Or would you rather go for a porcelain version? Not only useful during Easter, but also for the eggs that are eaten all year round.

traditional easter branch

The traditional Easter branch, of course, remains a favourite. Choose a beautiful vase and place a generous branch in a layer of water. Start decorating by using beautifully crafted pendants. Use pendants with typical Easter figures such as rabbits, but also consider pendants with hearts.


Spring bloomers such as hyacinths, daffodils and grape hyacinths are the ultimate ingredients for creating a spring feeling. These look even better in a beautiful decorative planter. With a bit of moss and small quail eggs, the Easter atmosphere is added to your home in no time at all. Take a look at our extensive range of planters and choose the variants that best suit your interior, even after Easter!

getting started with bell jars

Interested in getting creative yourself? Choose a nice big bell jar and an Easter figure as a decorative element. Put the two together and place a layer of natural materials such as moss or sisal and a few quail eggs on the bottom. Do you want the whole thing to be a bit higher so that it becomes a real eye-catcher? Then place a cake stand underneath. Get started and share your own creations with us on social media!

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