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Christmas tree gone? Fill the empty space with these 6 tips!

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After the holidays, there is often a void in the house when the Christmas tree disappears. But don't worry! Here, we share six creative ideas to breathe new life into that space. Discover inspiring ways to transform your home, with convenient links to MilaTonie products to make it easy for you. Give meaning to the emptiness and let your space shine with these suggestions.

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decorative pillows
1. create a reading corner

Transform the empty space into a personal reading corner. A bookshelf can showcase your favorite books, while a comfortable chair and a stylish floor lamp enhance the reading experience. Add a side table for your coffee or tea, and make it cozy with decorative pillows and a warm blanket. Also, consider a small rug for a warm look.

Wicker baskets filled with large green houseplants on a wooden plant table
2. green oasis with plants

An indoor plant corner can work wonders for your interior. Choose from artificial plants or use stylish plant pots for real plants. Large plants like palms can create a dramatic effect, while smaller plants on a shelf or in a hanging planter add a playful accent. Also, consider decorative bird cages for a unique element.

Two gold-colored metal tall vases with pink artificial flowers
3. art corner

Make a statement with your own art corner. Combine wall decorations, such as modern paintings or classic prints, with unique objects like a sculpture or an elegant vase. Add personality with photo frames displaying your favorite memories. A small desk or console table can serve as a workspace for your art projects.

A large pink armchair with two romantic decorative pillows
4. cozy seating area

Create an inviting seating area with a small sofa or a set of comfortable chairs. Decorate the space with atmospheric lighting and wall decorations. Add cushions and throws for extra comfort and coziness, and consider a small coffee table for drinks and snacks.

A romantic old pink sofa with green cushions and bedspread, a white canopy, a round rug with shoes, and a metal toy car
5. children's play corner

A children's corner can be a great way to utilize the space. Use colorful rugs and comfortable seat cushions to create a safe and fun play area. Organize toys with fun storage baskets and decorate the space with cheerful wall decorations. A small children's table and chairs are perfect for drawing and crafting.

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guest towels
6. meditation or yoga space

Create a peaceful place for relaxation and reflection. A soft rug and a few cushions provide comfort during meditation or yoga. Ambient lighting and soothing decorations like a small fountain or artificial plants can contribute to a serene atmosphere. Consider a room divider for privacy and tranquility.

A large pink armchair with a yellow and white decorative pillow in a cozy seating area
A blush pink bench with stacked solid pillows in colors like beige, light pink, and peach

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