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This is how you set the table!

Enjoying a meal with friends and family on a warm summer evening, complete with delicious food, fine wine, background music, and a beautifully set table sounds delightful. But how exactly do you set that table? Proper table setting is essential for hosting such a fabulous dinner.

In this blog, we'll show you how to step-by-step set an unforgettable table for your dinner, brunch, barbecue, or 21st birthday dinner. From choosing the right tableware to arranging the centerpiece, we'll cover all the details to ensure your dining experience is as visually appealing as it is gastronomically satisfying. Get ready to impress your guests with your table setting skills!

Step 1: Choose the theme and your color palette

After this step, you have a solid foundation for your beautifully set table. When the colors work harmoniously together, you instantly create an appealing atmosphere.

How do you select the right colors? Start by choosing a theme; this will help you determine your color choices. Think about the associations that the theme evokes and the colors typically associated with it. For example, if you choose an Italian theme, consider elements like tomatoes, olive oil, lemons, and pasta. You can opt for characteristic Italian colors such as red and green, complemented with rustic, earthy tones to truly bring the Italian vibe to life. Or go for a fresh approach with plenty of lemon yellow and blue. Decorate the table lavishly with lemons, use lots of flowers, and make ice cubes with lemon and mint for a fun detail. We will cover more themes later in this blog, so keep reading if you're curious to learn more!


Strategically placing plates ensures that your table looks thoughtful and chic.

Start with a stylish placemat and then stack a large plate with a smaller plate on top. Place a wine glass and a water glass next to your placemats, positioning the wine glass above the water glass. Also, arrange the cutlery, as well as a small plate for bread with a corresponding knife.

Complete the arrangement with a fabric napkin, which looks more elegant than paper napkins. To truly refine your table setting, create themed menu cards and place cards and present them at each seat. You can attach small dried flowers to things like your napkins or menu card to really bring it to life.

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Tablecloths and napkins

A beautiful tablecloth with matching napkins really does wonders for the appearance of your table. Choose something that complements the theme of your dinner well, so everything comes together nicely.

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Water glasses

Always have water glasses ready, especially when it's hot outside. Good water glasses ensure your guests stay refreshingly hydrated during the meal, and they also add a nice touch to your table decor.

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Wine glasses

Choosing the right wine glass is crucial for the taste of your wine. Make sure you have glasses that match the type of wine you're serving so that everyone can fully enjoy every sip.

Step 3: Add a personal touch

Personalize your dinner with place cards and selfmade menus.

Add a personal touch to your dinner with homemade place cards and menus. This detail not only enhances the intimacy of the event but also adds a significant dose of ambiance. Place cards assist with organizing seating arrangements and make your guests feel extra special and appreciated.

The homemade menus give a sneak peek of what will be served and can be fully tailored to the theme of the evening. Not only is it fun to create, but it also makes for great conversation at the table. Together, these details ensure that your table not only looks good but also gives the entire dinner a personal touch.memade menus.

Step 4: Add ambiance to your table

Create ambiance with the right lighting and candles.

The right lighting can truly set the mood for your dinner. To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, opt for soft, indirect lighting. You can achieve this with dimmable lamps or by using candles, which provide a soothing glow.

If you're dining outdoors, consider lanterns or subtle string lights. Lanterns offer cozy focal points of light, while string lights provide a playful and festive ambiance. Ensure the lighting matches the atmosphere you want to create, whether you're hosting an intimate dinner or a larger garden party.


As one of the final steps, add flowers to your table to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Flower arrangements and decor can give your dinner a fresh and vibrant look. You can opt for various small vases scattered across the table, creating a playful and charming effect. Alternatively, go for a grand gesture with a long centerpiece that follows the length of your table, immediately drawing attention and adding a sense of luxury. Both options complement the theme and color palette of your table beautifully, providing an extra stylish touch to your dinner.


French Bistro Theme

Imagine a charming Parisian café with bistro chairs, stripes, and a touch of romance. Use navy blue, white, and red in your color palette. Hang atmospheric lights and play soft French music in the background to complete the ambiance. For decoration, think of small Eiffel Towers, fresh baguettes on the table, and empty wine bottles as candle holders.


Tropical Theme

For a livelier atmosphere, opt for a tropical theme. Think bright colors like turquoise, hot pink, and sunny yellow. Decorate with palm trees, pineapples, and colorful flower garlands. This theme calls for an outdoor dinner, complete with cocktails and perhaps even some sand to really get that beach feeling.


American Barbecue

Go for an informal, cozy vibe with an American barbecue theme. Red, white, and blue are natural choices for your color palette. Decorate with checkered tablecloths, lanterns, and maybe even a small American flag. It's all about good food and conviviality, so ensure comfortable seating and plenty of space for a grill.


Mediterranean Oasis

Bring the sun-drenched coasts of the Mediterranean to your backyard with aqua blue, sandy beige, and white hues. Use terracotta pots with herbs like rosemary and lavender, and place olive oil bottles on the table for an authentic touch.


Japanese Zen

Create a calming, minimalist atmosphere with a Japanese Zen theme. Opt for neutral earth tones and black accents. Lay down bamboo mats as placemats and serve your meals in sleek, square dinnerware. Decorate with subtle ikebana flower arrangements for a touch of natural beauty. Add an authentic touch to your dinner with an assortment of fresh sushi and sashimi, perfect for a true Japanese dining experience. For extra authenticity, consider using sake sets and chopsticks.

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