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the trend of the moment: dried flowers

trendy dried flowers

Dried flowers are not only highly practical but also very popular as interior decoration nowadays. These flowers do not require water and therefore last a long time, making them not only practical but also more sustainable compared to fresh flowers. Moreover, dried flowers are available in a wide range of colours and styles, so there is a suitable variant for every interior.

One of the most popular dried flowers at the moment is pampas grass. This graceful grass has a soft, natural look and adds a beautiful accent to any interior. Additionally, pampas grass is available in various colours, from neutral beige to warm pink or deep purple. By using this flower, you can easily create a bohemian or natural atmosphere in your home.

In addition to pampas grass, there are many other types of dried flowers available, each with its own character and contribution to the appearance of your interior. There are dried flowers with bright colors for a striking accent, or with soft pastel colors for a romantic look. With dried flowers, you can endlessly vary and give your interior a different look time and time again.

what can you do with them?

You can choose to use a large and full arrangement in a beautiful vase as a centerpiece. But with a single bouquet, you can also create multiple small variations in, for example, a bell jar or a group of smaller vases on a tray. Is someone's birthday coming up soon? Then get creative and make a little gift by filling a test tube with a few dried flowers. The recipient will have a fun little keepsake that will last a lifetime.

which bouquet is your favourite? Discover them all, mix and match, and enjoy years of pleasure!

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