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Here's how to create an industrial interior!

Candle holders with burning candles, pitchers, and glasses in an industrial style.
Flower pots, burning candles, a candleholder, a lamp, and a ball in an industrial style.

An industrial interior is an interior style inspired by old factory and industrial buildings. Characteristic of this style are the rough, unfinished materials and the use of sturdy furniture and accessories. Think of materials like steel, concrete, brick, wood, and leather, and furniture with a functional and rugged design. Industrial interiors often have high ceilings, large windows, and an open layout. They are minimalist in design and have a neutral color palette with lots of gray tones, black, white, and brown. To add some flair, you can work with color accents and decorative elements such as metal crates, old factory lamps, and vintage posters. By using these elements, a tough and robust atmosphere is created, inviting relaxation and creativity. Creating an industrial decor in your home can be a fun challenge. Below are some tips to integrate this style into your interior.

An industrial-style sofa with cushions.

Which industrial furniture can be used in an industrial interior?

Choose large, robust furniture with a rugged appearance for an industrial decor, such as metal cabinets, sturdy wooden tables, and leather sofas with rugged details. Maintain balance in the space by combining larger furniture pieces with smaller accessories. Coordinate the style, color, and proportions of the furniture with the rest of the room for a practical, industrial interior that suits your taste.

A cabinet with a globe, pots, a gold tiger figurine and a book, and a tray with candles and a lamp in an industrial style.
Decorative elements

How important are decorative elements in an industrial interior?

Enhance the industrial ambiance with decorative elements such as old factory lamps, metal crates, shelves, an antique typewriter, and a metal fan. These rugged, rough, and unfinished items complement the industrial style nicely. Also, consider artworks like photos of old factories, abstract art featuring industrial elements, or vintage posters with industrial themes. Be mindful not to overdecorate to avoid cluttering the space; select a few standout pieces and pair them with subtler decorations for balance.

A cabinet with glass jars, tea mugs, bowls, a breadboard, a towel rack, and a candle in an industrial style.
Spatial and airy appearance

How to create an open feel in an industrial interior?

Maintain an open ambiance in industrial interiors with high ceilings and visible structures such as unfinished walls, beams, and pipes. Utilize multifunctional furniture and storage solutions, such as a large metal cabinet that serves both functional and decorative purposes. Leave unfinished elements like brick walls in their original state to imbue the space with character and emphasize the industrial aesthetic.

A gold tiger figurine, a tray, a rack, and a globe in an industrial style.

Material Usage in Industrial Decor

What materials are best to use in an industrial interior?

Opt for typical industrial materials such as metal, concrete, brick, and weathered wood to create a rugged and robust appearance. Metal can be used for furniture and decorative elements, while concrete and brick provide raw textures. Use weathered wood for shelves or decorative beams to enhance the industrial look. Ensure a balanced mix of these materials and avoid excessive use to prevent a cluttered appearance.

A cabinet, glass mugs, a tray, glass jars, and a candle in an industrial style.

Color Usage in Industrial Decor

What colors are best to use in an industrial interior?

Use a neutral color palette in industrial interiors with shades of gray, black, white, and brown for a calm and minimalist look. Gray is common and can be combined with white and black. Black adds contrast and can be mixed with neutral colors or even warmer tones like brown and red. White, as an accent color, brightens up the space. Brown adds warmth to wooden elements. Keep the color palette balanced to avoid excessive clutter and create a serene industrial atmosphere.

Industrial Art

Choose industrial artworks such as old factory photos, vintage advertising posters, industrial landscape paintings, or modern sculptures inspired by industry to enhance the industrial atmosphere and give the space character. There are plenty of options available, so select art that aligns with your personal taste and the room's style. These artworks can range from black-and-white photos to colorful posters and abstract sculptures, all with an industrial aesthetic that complements the decor.

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A tray with two burning candles in an industrial style.
A globe, a flower pot, and a desk rack in an industrial style.


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