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Artificial Flowers

Do you want to know the latest trends in artificial flowers and how to create the perfect bouquet yourself? Artificial flowers are now an integral part of interior decor, offering a sustainable alternative to fresh flowers. Available in a wide range of styles and trends, they fit perfectly into various interiors. Besides looking beautiful, artificial flowers also require little to no maintenance. Whether you opt for subtle accents or striking centerpieces, artificial flowers are perfect for giving any space a fresh look. Discover the top five trends in artificial flowers and learn how to create the ideal bouquet. Below are the most popular trends of the moment.

Trends in Artificial Flowers

Colorful Pick Bouquet

This trend focuses on creating a vibrant and colorful bouquet of artificial flowers that looks like it's been freshly picked from nature. A pick bouquet resembles a wildflower bouquet, with lots of height variations and sometimes only one specimen of each flower type. Mixing different flowers in varying colors creates a playful and fresh effect. A pick bouquet also pairs well with pampas grass.

Tone-on-Tone Pick Bouquet

In this style, artificial flowers of different types but in the same color tone are brought together. This creates a harmonious and tranquil appearance, ideal for subtle decoration. By using colors from your interior decor, a tone-on-tone artificial bouquet blends nicely with the rest of your space.


This is a classic and traditional floral arrangement where the flowers are closely arranged and often repeated, usually formed into a half-sphere. The base for this bouquet is greenery with flowers that have shorter stems. This style is perfect for an elegant centerpiece in a vase with artificial flowers.

Gold Accents

Adding gold elements to bouquets of artificial flowers provides a luxurious and refined touch. Gold pairs beautifully with dark, rich colors like burgundy and navy blue, but also complements pastel colors for a fresh look.

Dried Flowers

Although not artificial flowers, dried flowers are becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable alternative. They require no maintenance and retain their beauty for years. Dried flowers can be beautifully combined with artificial flowers for a playful effect, making your artificial flower bouquet more realistic.

The Perfect Vase

Choosing the right vase for your artificial flowers is essential to get the most out of your arrangement. A tall, slender vase is ideal for elongated bouquets, while a short, wide vase is better suited for compact arrangements like a Biedermeier. You can opt for a beautiful transparent vase to create airiness or a statement vase with a busy print or bold color for more flair. For a chic look, you can choose a vase with a gold or bronze finish.

Creative Decorations with Artificial Flowers

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Table decorations:

Artificial flowers are ideal for creating sustainable table centerpieces that you can reuse for any occasion. 

1. A fun option is to distribute your artificial flowers among 2 or 3 smaller vases. You can place the vases on a tray and combine them with tea light holders and other interior decorations. For example, place this on your dining table and your home will instantly look vibrant and cozy. This way, your dining table is beautifully dressed for when you have guests over. 

2. If you really want your table decoration to stand out, you can also create a table runner of artificial flowers and let it run from end to end across the table. Secure the flowers tightly to a long strip of fabric or rope and lay it along the length of the table. This creates a beautiful floral runner that adorns the entire table. For an extra cozy atmosphere, you can complement the floral runner with candles. 

3. If you're hosting a dinner or planning another cozy evening, you can create a unique effect by attaching the flowers to thin, transparent fishing line or fine wire that you stretch above the dining table, making it look like they're floating. This adds an elegant and playful touch to your table decoration.

Wall or ceiling decorations:

Use artificial flowers to create a painting or a unique wall decoration. Select different types and colors that complement your interior. Attach the flowers to a canvas or mount them on a wire frame as a base to arrange the flowers. This creates a lively and artistic addition to any room, instantly adding character to your wall. 


A wreath of artificial flowers can easily brighten up your home. Experiment with colors that harmonize well with your interior, or opt for a tone-on-tone look by using shades of the same color. To make the wreath, attach the artificial flowers to a wreath base, such as a straw wreath, wire frame, or foam ring. Then hang the wreath on your door and enjoy your homemade artificial flower wreath! 

Caring for Artificial Flowers

Dusting: Artificial flowers require little maintenance, but regular dusting with a soft brush or cloth is important to keep them fresh. 

Cleaning: Gently clean with a damp cloth and mild soap solution if the flowers get dirty. 

Avoid direct sunlight: To prevent colors from fading, place artificial flowers away from direct sunlight. 

Heat sources and moisture: Avoid placing artificial flowers near heat sources or in damp areas to prevent damage.


Artificial flowers are a sustainable choice because they don't wilt and don't need water, giving them a lifetime lifespan. They can be reused time and time again, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to fresh cut flowers that need regular replacement.

You can refresh your bouquet over time by adding new flowers or removing some. By swapping out flowers, you create a whole new look. This allows you to experiment with the artificial flowers you already have, adapt to the seasons, and continually create a new bouquet without having to buy fresh flowers weekly.

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